Friday, December 14, 2012

Yea.. No

So, theres a guy i've been chatting it up with for the past two weeks or so. known him since 7th grade (yea another person from way back when) and converations were ok. he brought up a double date for his roommate to get out and meet people and i said sure why not i would just bring my bffle kizzy along and that would be that.

That  was until i met up with him yesterday...

See, i'm not a shallow or vain person, looks don't get me, i'm not into superficial personalities, im not high maintenance, myself so i don't expect it in others.. but Kyle was a complete no after he open his mouth!

Honestly his whole appearance and voice did not match. It looked like he didn't change much from JHS except he was a little thicker but his voice sounded like that of a kid who didn't finish going through puberty and reminded me of david (aka Gay-vid) from HS.

Harsh but the truth.

We were talking and all i could do was try not to laugh at how he sounded but with Kizz and Cordero around, i couldn't help it. Eben they said he sounded like a pubescent gay kid. or some kid who got kicked in the balls but the pain never left his voice.


The one thing that blew the whole deal off for me was the fact that he couldn't hold the dominoes properly... once i saw that i was done.

Honestly, we cant be friends!


And i couldn't help comparing him to Josue...
All i thought was Kyle was a complete downgrade... like super ultimate type downgrade

so... back to the drawing board on both accounts =/

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