Saturday, December 29, 2012

With time...

how do you go about ridding yourself of your feelings for someone?

i mean, when he told me he didnt feel the same i was like, yea ok thats fine. because i already knew that he didnt feel the same. i was just confused by his actions and some of the things he said. i let myself read more into it, gave it deeper meaning than he meant to.

i know that mistakes happen, but giving your heart or at least trying to give your heart to someone is never a mistake. you just had enough bravery and courage to give them power to hurt you even though you wished that they never did.

no one really knows the 'power' love holds.. we know it makes us do crazy things, say stuff we dont mean, make a blind to things we dont wish to see... but a love on equal grounds, a love that stands test after test, a love that is open.. can be so beautiful, powerful, and mesmerizing... but nowadays no one is willing to work for that kind of love anymore.

i am willing to try as long as i am given the chance... but right now i jsut want to start fresh. i want to ease out of this heartache, i want to purge my thoughts of him, i want to do a lot of things but it wouldnt do me any good. for it was times with him that i realized a lot of things that i want but never knew i did, a lot of things that i will do for the one i love, and also a lot of things being embraced by someone else.

so with time, all good things will come...
i guess

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