Monday, December 24, 2012

my brothers gift..

a fucking flask...

Jokes for days...

but its a fucking flask...

Let me tell you why, its a bitter love/hate thing. it was a little over 2 years ago for a friends 21st bday party ( a few days before my own) that i got drunk, blacked out on my mothers couch, and some point threw up on it and her rug.

Ok, that was then and i really dont have a taste for liquor anymore but i still drink socially (meaning not all that often cause i dont have much of a social life) and this woman will not let that one night go..

Every time, she's around me and we're drinking. its always "this girl is an alcoholic" or if we're with my aunts and my aunt is making us drinks she'll be like "watch her" and i cant stand that shit.

 its pisses me off and i cant even enjoy drinking anymore because of her.

So i had one drunken.. so fucking what.
I got over it and its about time she fucking did.

So with that being said you know what she said when my brother brought out the flask and you know with them repeating it, its kind of hard to appreciate the creativity and thoughtfulness of the gift when it represents everything that both irritates and annoys me.

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