Monday, December 3, 2012

Poem: Love the Life you Live

Can you look back from this point in time,
And admit that you regret nothing?
I can…
I am proud of the fact that I had my heart broken,
Because it means that I was not afraid to love
Because it means that I’ve experienced sharing my heart with someone
I am proud of the fact that I was cheated on,
Because I no longer have that weak-willed person by my side
I am proud of the fact that I was lied to,
Because I was shown compassion, remorse, and guilt
Because I was shown your true character
Because I had a chance to learn and grow out of my naiveté
I was proud to be single
Because that means that I was able to focus on me
Because that means I was able to make myself better for the future
Because that means that I built myself up for the one that truly matters
I am proud for all my hardships
Because that means that I know how to make do with little means
Because that means I can survive under pressure
Because that means I’ve learned to be happy and appreciate all that I’ve got
I am proud of my pain and tears and minute sources of happiness
Because that means that I’ve been living
Because that means I’m facing everyday…
I look back and regret nothing!

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