Saturday, December 29, 2012

Side Note

i relize i do a lot of writing not just in one place, but a notepad, my phone, online, scraps of paper... its inconsistent and all over the place... just like my thoughts.

i am never stuck on something for too long or in the same place for so long either. its hard to keep track of evverything and keep it in one place, let alone keep it in order. and even then i dont date my thoughts. i dont know why, but the dates never seemed as important as my feelings.

i just know that there was a period in my mind, a period in my heart where i felt a certain way and those emotions consumed me, they moved me in ways that overwhelmed my being, in ways that i could only understand by putting it on paper.

it seemed so much better when those words were formed in ink. so much more concrete and resolute in its firmness. but it made everything so real. i captured it in the raw, in the height of everything that i felt, and it felt good. no matter the direction of the emotion, it always good to just get it out in some way.

ive been trying not to let things get bottled up as they do but old habits die hard.

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