Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Poem: Sometimes I cry

They fall silently
tracing paths along my face
They feel hot
and grow cold
As most feelings do
They drip down
as they fall
that first tear
When did it fall
When did it become so much to bear
So much to hide
That the only way to show it
To show the pain
The unbearable ache within my chest
Was through these salty tears
Is it impossible to live forever
In those minute moments of happiness
Why must the reality of the everyday make itself know
Make my loneliness
Make my missing you
A beacon in the haze of my 'existing'
its overwhelming to know
that i am only going through the motions
Monotonous and tired in its sameness
I am tired
and scared
and alone
I am vulnerable
and desperate
tormented and unsure
In those moments
....I cry

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