Monday, December 10, 2012

The Date..

Yea i said it. i had first date finally!
(whoo hooo!)

It was good too. We got drinks (sangria! my fave) shared dessert (brownie sundae), talked laughed and watched a good movie (red dawn).

And I was completely comfortable with him. I didn't have to hide behind a mask, I could be myself.

It was great.

But i didn't feel anything for him.

Let me explain who he is. He is a guy that i went to elementary school with and surprisingly we have the same intials, first middle and last lol. We get along great and yea i did have a crush on him back then and he admitted to having on one me also a few years ago. Lately we've been texting back and forth for the past couple of weeks and its cool. i get my morning texts from him and its always something different but pretty much meaning the same thing "good morning beautiful" or john lennons "good morning starshine"

i like sweet things like that. he'll text me throughout the day, asking how its going, listening to me vent my frustrations about work and home, asking me about my writing and my small business that i want to set up. Its nice that i have someone so interested in me for a change.

But i dont feel the same way

Maybe I'm still hung up on Josue, maybe not.
Maybe I've just outgrown the crush i had on him so long ago

Still, i don't feel anything romantic for him..
maybe he could be a new lollipop as my girl Thania calls them.

I dont know.
he's just not the one i want right now
but then again im not even sure what i want anymore

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