Saturday, December 29, 2012

Something bout my Hair Journey

With all the work ive been putting into my hair lately and all the research and  blog following ive been doing... ive realized how little effort i put into at the beginning of my journey. Sure i took care of it but did i really givr it the full attention it deserved.

Going natural when i did, was like the start of this whole natural movement or as i like to call it a 'black hair revolution' and it was a bit harder cause everything was still somewhat new. Now we have stores with shelves stocked full of these natural and so called 'organic' products. And more naturals coming out of the wood works...

Hell i've had friends watching me througout my whole journey and now they are embarking on their own but with the help of blogs and some advice from me. Im glad to share what ive learned... and thats pretty much that no ones hair is the same, it grows differently, curls differently, takes to products differently... you just need the time and patience to care for it.

Looking back from the first products i used to use to know... a lot a has changed. Im more conscious of ingredients,  i dont buy oil mixtures anymore i buy separately and make my own, i dont just use shea butter/whipped shea butter alone anymore, i finger detangle, i wash in sections, i pre-poo, i dont keep to schedule but do treatments & trims when its needed.

So pretty much a lot has changed in two years

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