Saturday, December 1, 2012

the "m" word

a few times my firends have asked me do i ever see myself getting married. and i would always say there has to be someone involvedfor me to even think about it.

but in truth, yes i ahve thought about it, yes i have the color scheme picked out, yes i have where i want it in my head, yes i have my bridal party picked out, yes i know who my maids of honor are... but who the groom is is a mystery to me...

have i seen myself married to a specific someone,,?....yes
have i thought about having kids with said specific someone?... yes, i even have the names picked out

but am i with that specific someone.... no, things didnt work out and im ok with it now. people grow apart and change its the way of life.

but the notion or idea of being married is forever stuck with me and after that whole palm reader claiming that i will get married in 2 years, i have to wonder who will win me over in such a short amount of time and if he'll be worth all the heartache ive been through in the end...

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