Monday, November 25, 2013

Philosophical Mornings: Try Something New

Hey all, so i've been thinking for a while of my plans for my 25th birthday and my main thing is to go to a gun range. Why? you ask, well why the hell not and i think it would be cool to learn. not as a from of protection, not trying to look tough, not to be liscenced in carrying a weapon.. but all for the sake of trying something different. Of going outside my own box. of venturing outside my norm.

There are so many things i want to try and i want people to do it with me. I want others to experience that elation of trying something that we've never done beofre. Something that maybe one day crossed our minds but never really gave it any thought.

So i put together a list:
  • Gun Range
  • Archery
  • Guitar
  • Rock Climbing
  • Knitting/Crotchet
  • Learn to swim
  • Balloon Ride
  • Ziplining
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Skydiving
  • Roadtrip through all 50 States (eventually)
  • See auroras lights
  • Try food from all over the world (actually visiting other countries)
  • Travel to Australia, France, Ireland
  • Go to Jamaica (visit fam)
  • Go go-karting
  • Ride a horse
  • Hike a mountain/go camping & see the stars
All these things and more are stuff that i want to try one year or many down the line. Call it a bucket list of sorts if you want. I've already looked in archery, gun range, guitar, and rock climbing and those are actually in one of the boroughs around me. And im happy to start some where. 

Its just feels like im stuck in the same routine day in and day out that my heart feels heavy. Well it feels heavy for so many other things really but nothing sparks excitement in me as it did before. And everyday something should spark a piece of happiness. At least i believe it to be that way.

I hope you guys start making your own list and get out there and experience the world.


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Product Review: Alikay Naturals

Photo Credit: BlackOnyxWord

Hey all, so its time for another review and i could have sworn i did one on Alikay Naturals, LLC before but i guess not. So Alikay Naturals, LLC is a natural hair & body product line based in Florida, and smells heavenly. So far i have tried their lemongrass leave in conditioner (spritz), the honey sage deep treatment, the shea yogurt moisturiser, the creme brulee curl custard, and the essential 17 hair growth oil. (click on links to head over to the Alikay Naturals, LLC page for product information and price)

*review free of choice and products from my own money or my monthly curlkit subscription.. same thing*

PhotoCredit: CurlyandLovely
The first product i ever tried from them was the creme brulee curl custard, some time last year and it did wonders on my curls. They popped out gorgeously but i didnt like how my hair felt. It was a bit stiff and crunchy and my hair shrunk... a lot. Now this was in the stage of me still learning about my hair and what it likes. Also i dont think i used it in a way to really bring out the best of the product so i didnt write it off completely. I just saved it as something i would use as a later date. Especially since it smelled so heavenly. I think i spent more time sniffing it than actually wanting to use it in my hair lol

Photo Credit: AlikayNaturals

The second product i tried was the shea yogurt moisturizer. This was such a tiny sample that i only had enough to use on my ends only. At the time i was still working out a good moisturizing routine and shea butter worked great on my dry brittle ends, so i kept using it as such while i worked custards and cremes on my hair directly. Like i said my moisturizing routine was a work in progress and i had not discovered the LOC method yet. But my hair did like wjat the shea yogurt did i just wished i had a bigger size to see how my hair would really take to it.
Photo Credit: BlackOnyxWorld

Now, since the takeover last month for my CurlKit subscription, the only product i used was the lemongrass leave in.i used this product almost everyday while i had my marley hair loc extensions in. And yes the spritz did leave my hair smelling like lemons but it was a sweet scent that i could take any day. I continued using my own oil mixture for the duration of the time i had my twist in and kept spraying my hair with the spritz. It was lightweight and i really didnt have to worry about any product buildup since it was not heavy or a cream leave in. This stayed in my bag and continues to do so. Im making it stretch by adding water to it.

Photocredit: MyCurlyMane
Over the weekend i used the honey sage deep conditioner, the essential 17 hair growth oil, and the shea yogurt moisturizer. The honey sage conditioner had a thick but airy consistency, like it was whipped and and  a bit grainy. It went on my hair nicely and provided a good slip for my to finger detangle/comb my hair. The scent... hmmm... well in the bottle it was light but a bit musky, on my hair im sitting in the chair wondering why am i smelling pine sol... not not the lemon scent but the original, you know the amber liquid looking on. I was not happy. Im guessing it was the sage since honey does not smell that way to me in my hair. I love they way my hair felt afterwards -soft, moisturized, lush. The only thing is the smell... that pine sol smell, lingered... joy.

PhotoCredit: MyNaturalHaven
I sprayed the leave in, used the oil (i really like that it came in a mini applicator style... tube bottle with screw applicator top) and i realized the scent was stronger. Sniffing the oil mixture i knew why... seriously that pine sol scent was so strong.  my brother says it smells like Dettol (if your Caribbean you know what it is!) so it wasn't the deep conditioner but the oil. I went back to smell and compare the two, the conditioner and the oil. And i really do like the lightweight sweet but musky scent of the honey sage i dont know why it smelt liked pine sol in my hair but the oils... despite how good it may claim to work it (first time user), I would not purchase it ever, simply because the one i got smelt like straight pine sol. Hey first impressions are important. I looked at other reviews of the oil and saw that again with those that got it from CurlKit it smelt similar but purchased full size from website, it smelt like peppermint... hmmm.

Ill see if i can doctor it up with some peppermint. I think its the rosemary (never did like how that smelt on its own) and the emu oil (though i should smell it before i throw it under the bus). so i let you guys know later how it turned out after i 'fix' it. Other than the emu oil this is exactly like my own oil blend but my own smells so much better!!! So there really is no need for me to purchase this mix.

I would like to know what the rest of the ingredients are in the 'Herbal & Botanical blend' that they put on the labels. Also if they notice the double rosemary listed on the growth oil label. I'm not a stickler for these (just want to stay away from mineral oil, parabens, and sulfates... which it does) but you would think spell check and grammar would be put into use when mass producing something. also a complete listing of product for those that are product Nazis.. i mean what if there is something that someone is allergic to or gives a bad skin reaction?.. (you never know!)

So i have my hair twisted with the shea butter (will post pics tomorrow), i didnt use any gel like i normally would after the LOC method to lock everything in and give my extra hold. I wanted to see how my hair would react to all the Alikay Naturals, LLC products as is. Would i recommend, the stuff i used... absolutely. And if anyone can get over the scent of the essential 17 oil then by all means go for it. But like i said before not everyone experienced the same scent, just the one the takeover CurlKit from what i've heard online. If not then do like i do, buy the oils separately and make your own mix.

Heres a the store listing link for those that would like to find it somewhere other than online.

A. Soul

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Poem: Dare by KC Burke

He hurts me without thinking, without knowing, without care
He kills my heart so slowly, bit by bit, its just not fair
He rids me of my feelings, my subconscious, its severe
He plagues in constant daydreams, wishful thinking, but he's not here
He strips of my senses, leaves me breathless, so unaware
He takes away my barriers, my sentinels, I am bare
My heart is in his hands, my own are empty, he doesn't share
My love is for the taking, will he take it...
Does he dare?
The answer lies in silence, will I ask it, will I risk it, will I chance it...
Do I dare?



Photo Source: Google; Sun Salutation Sequence

YTTP 2: or Yoga To The People.. is my go to yoga spot. Mostly because its a donation based yoga class (can you say free.99!) or $5 a class pending on te location. And the location i go to is of course the $5 place lol.

I try to go 2 days a week, Tuesdays and Thursday, after work. Tuesdays because of a flexibility class and Thursday because its a core yoga class.... and let me tell you this one thing about these classes.. they are fucking serious.

the flexibility class had me stretching in ways i never imagined (i really need to get back to it) and the core yoga class (omg i had a friend go with me and one pose we looked at each other like WTF!! lol) is the same but i really, really enjoy going to the core yoga class more.

these are power workout classes and i usually do a vinyasa flow class, just going through the positions at an easy pace and keeping a steady breath. i do yoga to clear my mind and get a good stretch/workout as well. Doorways to deeper practice is always good.

the schedule changes up and they usually post up thedaily, weekly, monthly schedule for everyone to see. Like i know next week, ill be going to a kriplau (vinyasa) flow class on tuesday and a maybe ill head to a dharma yoga class on friday given that its black friday. So like i said its always good to look up the schedule to see whats available. and which teachers will be there. the instructors are nice and hold conversation with you before and after classes and if you need help with anything they will gladly show you.

So if anyone is in the NYC are and ever near  Grammercy, check out the YTTP 2 studio on 23rd & 3rd. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. If $5 is too much for you, the St. Marks location is donation based. I hope to see you guys there one day

Philosophical Morning: Matters of the Heart

Whats this all about you ask.. well it is as i call it. i had a philosophical moment this morning and it was all because of 'him' they guy that i have loved for the past three years, the guy who i confessed to only to be shot down, the guy who i leaves me feeling all kinds of topsy-turvy since i dont know where exactly we stand...

Yea, him...

anyway he posted something on IG and posed the question...
"Is love and undeniable feeling or something of choice?"

Of course i straightaway thought of it as an undeniable feeling, hopeless romantic that i am, it catches you off guard, it overwhelms your entire being, it fills you with an indescribable emotion for said unsuspected person... but you also have to choose to acknowledge that feeling.

Love can catch you off guard if you dont leave yourself open to experience it. 

So i left this comment under his picture
An undeniable feeling that builds from choice.. choice of partner, of letting go your fears/disbelief of letting someone in, on building that friendship to relationship to something more.. its acknowledging and acting on it that is the game changer -@Acoustique_Soul
One thing is for certain, the heart knows who it wants before the mind plays catch up 

So yea, i hope he finds who hes looking for , i already know that im not it.. hes given me no reason to believe its me and im fine with the emotional distance on both ends.

Yes i want to knock him one on the head for the BS emotions hes made me feel but its not his fault he is a great guy and i wish him all the happiness in the world. And i am mature enough to know that love cannot be forced, it must be achieved on its own. And when the paths do no merge, its okay to let go. Let each party find their 'home' with other people who will love them the same if not more than you once did.

We all deserve that happy ending with that someone who makes us the center of their world.


Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Natural Hair Care Products That I Love!

  • Shea Moisture Anti-Breakage Mask or 
  • Oils of choice
  • Aloe Vera Gel, water, oil
  • Giovanni's Tea Tree Triple Threat Shampoo (awesome deep cleanser)
  • Luscious Locks Shea Butter Shampoo (smells/feels so good in my hair!)
  • Design Essentials Sulfate Free Curl Cleanser (another great cleanser..will buy again)
  • Shea Moisture Raw Shea Shampoo (didnt like it at first but a second chance gave it justice)
  • Mixed Chicks Sulfate Free Shampoo
  • ACV Rinse
  • Eden Body Works Jojoba Monoi Conditioner
  • UR Curly Quinoa Conditioner (Mostly for my scalp scrubs)
  • Shea Moisture Raw Shea Restorative Conditioner
Deep Conditioner: So i have to categories for this, protein and moisturizing deep conditioners
  1. Protein: 
    • Aubrey Organics GBP; 
    • Chocolate Hair Mask (of my own making)
    • ORS Replenishing Conditioner (light protein treatment) 
    • HiProPac Protein Treatment
  2. Moisture: 
    • Mixed Chicks, 
    • Eden Body Works Jojoba Monoi,
    • Cantu  Deep treatment masque
    • Luscious Locks Shea Butter Hair Mask (need to buy more... smells heavenly!)
  • Mixed Chicks leave In 
  • Alikay Naturals Lemongrass Leave in 
  • Ori Essentials Leave In 
  • CB Smoothe Coconut Hair Milk
  • Shea Moisture Yucca & Baobob Hair Milk
  • Eden Body Work Coconut Shea leave In
Oils: Castor, Avocado, Sweet Almond, Jojoba, Grape Seed, Vitamin E, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Peppermint, Horsetail, Burdock, Nettle, Saw Palmetto Berry 

Moisturizer: (Butters/Lotions/Cremes/Custards)... have no good experiences with EcoStyler
  • Whipped Shea Butter (of my own making)
  • Cantu Shea Butter Creamy Hair Lotion, 
  • CB Smoothe Moisturizing Styling Creme
  • EcoCustard Styling Creme (original)
  • Alikay Naturals Shea Yogurt Moisturizer
  • BelNuovo CocoCastor Pudding (Etsy)
Gels: Medium/Soft Hold; Non Flaky
  • #1 Choice: ORS Loc & twist Creme
  • Miss Jessies jelly Soft Curls
  • Curls Cashmere Curl Jelly
*Can find these products at respective beauty supply stores, Walgreens/Walmart/Target, etc; the online websites (ie, Curlkit) amazon/whole food stores for oils.. if oyu want links just ask!)

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Product Review: Shea Moisture Hair Color System - Dark Golden Blonde

So i finally did it...I colored my hair.. and i love it!

I recently acquired the hair color at the Circle of Sisters event last month and i told myself that i was gonna wait until Spring of next year to color it but my impaitient behind waited until last night, the wednesday after i took out my loc extensions on Friday lol.. it was a good 5 day wait lol

So heres what i used:


The Dark Golden Blonde hair color and inside was the 1) Hair Color Creme 2) Creme Developer 3) Shea Moisture: Moisture Retention Shampoo, Restorative Conditioner, & Reconstructive Finishing Elixir 4) Gloves, Applicator Brush, and Applicator top

Now I wasn't sure how i wanted to color my hair, all i know is that i wasnt doing the whole head i wanted to focus more on the ends. so what i did was part my hair horizontally 5 times, starting from the back. the first section was going to be colored so i twisted it to the and pinned it to the side. The next section was not to be colored so i flat twisted it out of the way. and bantu knotted the end. I repeated this for my whole head mommy helped !) =)

After i got my sections down to where i was coloring and where i wasnt, i went through again and detangled my hair. I then followed the intructions and mixed the color creme and color developer in an old bowl. I didnt follow the bottle or brush method, just grabbed up some color on my fingers and rubbed it down the sectioned off hair, which was about three quarters of the length of my hair that the color was on.

I let it sit for about 45 min-1 hour it was just taking long to turn (did i do a post check before hand.. nope! cause im not about that life.. we go in hard body expecting nothing and getting back something lol!) 

Shampoo (love)... Condition (eh its laright)... LOC Method... Twist & Tie for the night
and waalaa

My colored striped hair! 

Come to realize that yesterday was my 3 year NappyVersary! Go figure! Lookin Good A.SOul!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I've hit my low...

yep, i've been feeling a bit down since earlier.. and it just got worse over the last hour or so

I just want to curl up in my bed, hide under the covers and have a good cry

Its just one of those type of days.

Everyone else sees a smile, few call me on my sad eyes
but really all i want deep down inside, is to lay down and cry

My insecurities are showing

Am i not good enough, will i ever be enough, will i be anything more?

Those are the questions in my head and heart

My confidence is waning, my trust in my self is lost

At least for now.

Im trying not to breakdown..

Friday, November 1, 2013

Protective Style :: Loc Extensions (4Weeks! & Take Down)

Yep, its been 4 weeks (and no im not wearing it any longer than this because it is so not gonna happen, i missmy fro!!!) since i've put in my marley loc extensions (marley wraps in some circles!).. and its time for it to go.

I have been asked my a few if i would ever loc my hair... i say maybe, its a thought, but i dont know if i'm about that life yet. Sure these looked great on me but to keep them in forever.. (major side eye!)


So i started taking a few down. I cut off about 1/4 of the hair while at work yesterday (yea i had that much free time to sit and cut my hair at work!!!) And I unwrapped and untwisted a couple to see how my hair faired underneath. And i was hype.. grew a bit and it was still moisturized from the whipped shea butter mix that i used putting them in. There was varying ranges of buildup on a few of the twists i pulled so far. One had none while others had little to a lot.

So with the buildup, i was not pulling my hair or combing it dry... i want to keep my hair on my head. So what i did is used the mini Alikay Naturals lemongrass leave-in that i had in my bag (almost done so i added some distilled water to it) and sprayed it over the buildup area. I then began to gently peel the clumped area apart. Yea there was some breakage. but not much. I finger detangled as i went along and then retwisted the area.

And thats pretty much my takedown... honestly i was a bit scared before i found a youtube video saying how to take it down. I seriously was like how the fuck am i gonna take this shit out?what will i do if my hair starts loc'n up on me?.. yada yada yada..

But then i was like oh, thats easy lol.. and so far it kind of was but you know shit looks easier when someone else does it lol.