Thursday, November 21, 2013

Philosophical Morning: Matters of the Heart

Whats this all about you ask.. well it is as i call it. i had a philosophical moment this morning and it was all because of 'him' they guy that i have loved for the past three years, the guy who i confessed to only to be shot down, the guy who i leaves me feeling all kinds of topsy-turvy since i dont know where exactly we stand...

Yea, him...

anyway he posted something on IG and posed the question...
"Is love and undeniable feeling or something of choice?"

Of course i straightaway thought of it as an undeniable feeling, hopeless romantic that i am, it catches you off guard, it overwhelms your entire being, it fills you with an indescribable emotion for said unsuspected person... but you also have to choose to acknowledge that feeling.

Love can catch you off guard if you dont leave yourself open to experience it. 

So i left this comment under his picture
An undeniable feeling that builds from choice.. choice of partner, of letting go your fears/disbelief of letting someone in, on building that friendship to relationship to something more.. its acknowledging and acting on it that is the game changer -@Acoustique_Soul
One thing is for certain, the heart knows who it wants before the mind plays catch up 

So yea, i hope he finds who hes looking for , i already know that im not it.. hes given me no reason to believe its me and im fine with the emotional distance on both ends.

Yes i want to knock him one on the head for the BS emotions hes made me feel but its not his fault he is a great guy and i wish him all the happiness in the world. And i am mature enough to know that love cannot be forced, it must be achieved on its own. And when the paths do no merge, its okay to let go. Let each party find their 'home' with other people who will love them the same if not more than you once did.

We all deserve that happy ending with that someone who makes us the center of their world.


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