Friday, November 1, 2013

Protective Style :: Loc Extensions (4Weeks! & Take Down)

Yep, its been 4 weeks (and no im not wearing it any longer than this because it is so not gonna happen, i missmy fro!!!) since i've put in my marley loc extensions (marley wraps in some circles!).. and its time for it to go.

I have been asked my a few if i would ever loc my hair... i say maybe, its a thought, but i dont know if i'm about that life yet. Sure these looked great on me but to keep them in forever.. (major side eye!)


So i started taking a few down. I cut off about 1/4 of the hair while at work yesterday (yea i had that much free time to sit and cut my hair at work!!!) And I unwrapped and untwisted a couple to see how my hair faired underneath. And i was hype.. grew a bit and it was still moisturized from the whipped shea butter mix that i used putting them in. There was varying ranges of buildup on a few of the twists i pulled so far. One had none while others had little to a lot.

So with the buildup, i was not pulling my hair or combing it dry... i want to keep my hair on my head. So what i did is used the mini Alikay Naturals lemongrass leave-in that i had in my bag (almost done so i added some distilled water to it) and sprayed it over the buildup area. I then began to gently peel the clumped area apart. Yea there was some breakage. but not much. I finger detangled as i went along and then retwisted the area.

And thats pretty much my takedown... honestly i was a bit scared before i found a youtube video saying how to take it down. I seriously was like how the fuck am i gonna take this shit out?what will i do if my hair starts loc'n up on me?.. yada yada yada..

But then i was like oh, thats easy lol.. and so far it kind of was but you know shit looks easier when someone else does it lol.

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