Friday, March 29, 2013

Face Time Update: Aloe Vera to the Rescue!

So my skin finally stopped peeling and i found out why it had such a strong reaction in the first place...

dont mind ugh face!
see my skin was all dry and peeling and now really discolored =(

ACV as a toner was to much/strong for my skin to handle... the Black Soap alone works just fine for me (yea i was still using it after wards i just stopped with ACV as my toner

So one of my coworkers has an Aloe Vera plant growing in the office.. she says its soaks up the bad juju (yea we're all somewhat superstitious about some things) and im just like since she's not here at the main office anymore ill just cut me a piece and use it for my face...


I should have waited to do that when i got home!

My face started peeling off that burned skin at the office and i was shedding like crazy.. spent a good minute in the bathroom trying to clear it all off.

I def did it again last night after washing with the Black Soap (real quick too wasnt on my face for long!) and using the Freeman Acai Clay Mask... my skin is still discolored but i hoped that the palmers cocoa butter does its job in fading dark marks... at least im not oily!

thats like the only upside to all of this... well that and i have a really good concealer now so i can start with the makeup again if i want ::shrugs::

me today!

Eden's Body Works: Style With Eden NYC

Hello luvs!

So last Wednesday, March 20 was Eden Body Works launch party of their style line... Coconut Shea (smells absolutely fabulous!!!)

The line consists of a leave-in conditioner, Co-wash, curl defining creme, curling souffle, balm...
Jasmine lawrence, founder of Edens Body Works spoke on how the product had been going on from 13 years now (did not know that), she spoke of her school life while maintaing the product upkeep and how she had to drop one for the other. Also there may be some body products in development..

will be available online April 1 and in stores May 1!
the panel stylist: TL- Felicia Leatherwood of loving you natural hair, TR -  Kela Walker of  kela's closet, Milly Almodovar of BeautyLogicBlog, and Latisha Daring of Ashtyn Online 

The panel spoke on fashion, hair, makeup and body type. They were straight and to the point and very nice when it came to the whole snapping pics with everyone later and the random convos. There was a timeless dress and a abstract print shorts with a kimono top (loved the shorts!) from Ashtyn Online

Photo Credit: 

 i enjoyed myself and mad that Krys couldnt make it. But i made new friends and ran into bloggers/vloggers Toia of TobNatursal, Mo from CurlsandMo, and Danielle of StyleBeautyDoc.. and i had to the pleasure to sit with founder of EBW, Jasmine Lawrence! (screams!) She was so nice to speak to and i showed her one of my earring designs, which she loved btw, and said that she would buy once the shop was up and running (screams again!)

Myself with blogger CurlsandMo Photo Credit: Toia B of Tobnatural

Style with EDEN NYC Panelists
Photo credit: Nik Wes photography The Panelist & Founder (in the middle) jasmine lawrence
sadly neither of us had business cards on us at the time but i did walk away with her email! (yes, networking baby!)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Poem: The Beat of My Heart by KC Burke

(found this in my facebook notes... did not know i used it more than once lol)

this heart of mine beats
to a rhythm all its own
it thumps, jumps, skips, and stalls
at the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and touch
of life.
but not jus life itself,
it beats to the rhythm of your life
the sight of you,
the sound of your voice,
the way you smell,
the way you taste,
the feel of your touch,
makes my heart beat
to the rhythm you excite in me.
as long as you're around
this cadence will never grow old
and this beat will go marchin on forever


Face Time: Black Soap Update

I stopped using it for my face =(

I had to that thing burned the hell out of me and now that area is peeling and dry and no matter what i use to moisturize it, it doesnt work.

Not my shea butter or body shop moisturizer. my oil mixture helped a bit but that didnt last all day

Its fine on my body and hair though

But my face


Other face news...

i may have overdone it on and bought all the freeman feeling beautiful clay mask that it made.. no peel offs though.


its because i can!

So here's what I got:


Monday, March 25, 2013


Ok, so here's the main reason for this post...

One of my pet peeves is having to deal with people who cant seem to think for themselves are always looking at you, what your doing, how your living for stuff that they can, in proper negro terms "BITE" off of...

Yea i don't mind being the inspiration for you to do things in your own way, on your own time without my involvement but when i need to be involved its a problem.

See my mother is a follower, its always (in terms of hair stuff and cooking and shopping):

"oh can you do this for me too?"
"what are you mixing, what is that for?"
"how should i do this?"
"am i using enough?"
"can you make this for us?"
"can you show me how to do this again?" Mind you i showed her like 10 times already
"where did you get that from and why don't you think of your mother when you go buy things?"
"where did you get that from i want the same exact thing?"


This is what i deal with on a yearly basis.. see why i don't like followers

I don't mind giving advice, pointers in the right direction ,telling you where i shop or got things from recently.
I don't mind showing you how to mix and make
I don't mind giving you the website where i got the recipe

But there has to be a line where you do on your own and leave me out of it or you'll never learn

Friday, March 22, 2013

Face Time: African Black Soap & ACV

So its been almost a week since i started using the soap and my face has been less oily and my pores looks so much better. I use it as a face, hair and body wash..

with Apple Cider Vinegar as my toner.

Why am I using ACV as my toner?

Well there was a post on instagram that cited all the uses of ACV

So in the comments under the picture on IG (click on link to see) one of the IGers stated that they use it as a toner, so i was like cool, i use it to calrify my scalp (love me an ACV rinse or adding it to my washes/conditioners for an extra cleansing mix!) so i thought it would be perfect...


the first couple of days were fine no burning or nothing, but the last few days, my skin felt tight and in like a pear shaped area from nose to mouth, the soap would burn the crap out of me! and to top it off my dumbass still used the ACV toner -___-

i was a trooper though lol.. 
i sucked it up

now i have two dark spots under each corner of my mouth that no matter how much i moisturize today will stay looking dry and peeling... SIGH!!!!

sigh, im just glad its friday.. hopefully it'll end by sunday

Grad School Blues: Update

So, its decided.. ill shall try my hand at Social Work

I gave in my application as a Non-Matriculated Degree Student for the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College, due to the guidance of a coworker of mine.

We were having a conversation at work about you know the whole application process, trying to find recommendations and the like.. Then she mentioned that she put in the application for non-matriculation so that she wont just be sitting on her ass for the time being she'll take a few classes before she switches over to be matriculated next year.. so that hopefully by then she'll be able to get a few later of recommendations and some classes under her belt already.

I liked the idea so much that i put in my application same day as her...

hopefully we'll both get it (fingers, shoelaces and toes crossed!!!!)

Monday, March 18, 2013

Grad School Blues

So last November i took my GRE and did not get high above the 50th percentile in terms of scoring and i told myself that i would retake it in April of this year and try for grad school in the fall...

but, im not ready to go back... the timing seems off and im still unsure of my intended career field.

i want to do counseling yes, 
i want to work with kids of course, 
and working in a school is top on my list.. 

but im not sure if i want to box myself into school counseling anymore. the title itself is limiting and i hate to limit myself. i want to branch out in youth counseling in all areas.. juvenile, mental health, familial issues, etc.

so now, after searching through CUNY programs... im faced with the decision of going back for a second bachelors in child & youth services at Brooklyn College or continuing on with my MSED in counseling education or MSW at Lehman, Hunter, York, or Brooklyn College

its just my grades tho..

just a sign would be nice...

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Back to Life

Hey all, so im here in bed pre-pooing and im just like blah.

I feel blah, look blah, and dont feel like doing shit after last nights shenanigans.

Went out for my girl ashleys bday at,play lounge (billards, bowling, bull riding, fooz ball, ping pong) and im not sure i would do it again... The music was old and DJ had no good transitions and hardly played anything up to date. the waitress showed her face all of two times to seat us and to get the bill. We had to chase her down or try to get other waitresses to find her


No good service... And had the nerve to add gratuity to the check... Bitch got no tip!

There were a few naturals out and one of the bouncers said he like my hair... Asked if it was mines too lol.

We got there at 11ish stayed til after 3, made the most of what we had.

And now im here trying to stay awake so i can wash my hair lol

I just know im going to bed early tonight!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Sesame Street: Love My Hair

Random Thought: Naturals & Sex in the Shower

So a new friend of mine posed this question: How do you handle sex in the shower with your natural hair?

Well, I've never had sex in the shower so i dont know.

But, i was in the shower this morning with my hair in a ponytail (yay!) and my edges tied down.. no shower cap cause i'm a boss like that! 


and i was standing there thinking about how the hell would i handle sex in the shower.. twa phase no problem  (we'll call it a wash n go in the end)

but what about longer hair? 


so im there like is this pre-take down  getting ready for your day type sex or before you get ready for bed type sex?

do you have twists/braids in?

you rocking an up-do?

the fro's out?
like whats going on lol


si dont know if i can handle the whole sex in the shower thing if my hair isnt in the the whole getting ready for bed or i just woke up phase


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Trying not to Panic

Bestie got into a car accident

Ok, so while i listening to the songs to calm me down a bit she told me she's fine, a little bruised, but going home now (thank jeebus! if i could fly, i wouldve been on the way there but no, i cant =(

cant be telling my girls are hurt without some sort of reaction

This Bitch...

Had the nerve to call me her assistant!

Whoa.... Whoa... Whoa!

Hold the Fuck Up, since when was i demotted into being HER assistant... last time i checked, i was hired long before, managed distribution long before they hired her, wrote the damn standard operating procedure for distribution, and had to fix her fucking mistakes for the first 3 monthst that she was her (mind you i still am)

And the bitch said this when i was running late (cause silly me left my wallet in Kizz's car after our Girls Night )

"Oh your here, i thought my assistant was taking the day off"

I paused and walked away cause I dont even know what the hell to say to that without sounding mean, condescending, jerk,  fuck it a major pissed off jamaican woman.

Its like, ive been here for almost 5 years now, they always mess up my name, walk over me to get to her to give her work, and im like, WTF... im just here to take up space


Let me get paid for sitting on my ass then too passive aggressive for my own good, but they are pushing it

Are you comfortable in the NUDE?


I mean, think about it...

Are you comfortable in your own skin, love your body enough to take revealing pictures of yourself, in either underwear or full birthday suit?

and then have those pictures on display for an art show?

I am.

I've posed for a photographer multiple times in his studio and outdoors,
(ive known him for the longest and hes cool peoples... or else i wouldnt have agreed to it!)

it took me awhile to be nonchalant about it but i love my body, i accept it flaws, embrace them and move on. I wouldn't change a damn thing about it either.

Some would say that its sluttish or porn but its not.

I know it isn't.

And the pics are never really revealing in that sense in the end.

They are tasteful and besides i don't do crazy poses... way to much work and im not that flexible.

Here are two of my fave shots:

hell you wont even know its me unless i tell you!

so dont be scared and give it a try..

at least you can cross that off your bucket list in the future!


Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chocolate Hair Mask: Update



(i love it)

My ends feel so much better after that whole moisturizing routine:
  • Overnight Oil Treatment (if you wash it late like i do): After Washing, break down hair from large sections and make smaller twist for detangling, for an added moisture boost add oil to hair (focus on ends) and covered with shower cap/plastic bag and scarf to lock in heat
  • Shea Moisture Curl Smoothie on hair itself
  • Whipped Shea Butter on ends
  • Later on in the day or next day: Styled with Kinky Curly Curling Custard
  • covered with Satin Bonnet

Well that's my moisture routine as of late.. nothing special or complicated..

yea my hair leaves oil on your hands when you touch it but who cares i don't have to do anything but spritz it at night for the next couple of days!

And besides when i forget my lotion all i gotta do is play in my hair to get rid of the ash on my hands!!!!!


Monday, March 11, 2013

Chocolate Hair Mask (Protein Conditioner)

Hello to all you fabulous readers out there, though i don't know if anyone actually reads these things but I had another DIY Hair Care weekend and it involved my favorite thing of all time: CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!

love the smell, the taste, the creaminess... you know the all around yumminess!

Now what made me decide to use chocolate on my hair... well i had the Hershey's cocoa powder in my house and i wondered if i could use a hair mask out of it..

you know what came next right?... GOOGLE!

So here are the benefits:

"Chocolate is high in fat and has a bit of protein - a great combination for a conditioner worth trying.  (This sweet also has a small amount of caffeine, which studies have suggested may stimulate hair growth in those suffering from balding.[1])" via hair & health

"Yogurt (or yoghurt for our lovely ladies in the UK) is high in lactic acid, and has natural antifungal and antibacterial properties. The yogurt works to stimulate hair growth and fight dandruff by acting as a natural cleanser that tightens and clarifies the pores on your scalp. The protein properties help to strengthen and moisturize your hair and to tame persistent, pesky fly-aways by smoothing your strands. The creamy consistency and antibacterial ingredients help to soothe your scalp and reduce any itchiness." via Lipstick Masala

Honey: humectant

So here is where i found the Chocolate Hair Mask Recipe

And here is how i found the supplies: Cocoa powder (ill use melted dark chocolate next time) and honey: my cupboard, the Greek yogurt stole it from the office fridge (hey if no one was gonna eat it i might as well put it to good use!)


they said saran wrap (like i really have that in my house) i used a plastic bag as usual lol

Oh my yum! the smell of chocolate in the air! left this on covered for a good hour or so, and washed it out with warm water, followed by a blast of cold water. I didn't shampoo afterwards. just left some oil in overnight cause my ends felt crunchy and that was it. 

I  moisturized with shea moisture curl smoothie, and whipped shea butter on my ends for the day (it was laundry day!), followed by kinky curl curling custard when i styled it up in bantu knots for the night.


(im at work so dont mind the background!)

This is more of a summer time mask, yogurt cools body temp down and honey draws in moisture from the hair.. but its cold out here in nYC

All in all my hair loved the mask, but my ends weren't feeling it this time =/

Friday, March 8, 2013

This Weekend DIY Hair Care: Chocolate Hair Mask

Yep i said it.. i love chocolate so much that im gonna put it in my hair!


no side eyes.. no judging.

What i found with using chocolate as a hair mask is that it is highlighter for brunettes. and i kinda miss seeing my highlights from when i would perm my hair, that's when all the reds, browns, and some golds would appear.

even though i am going to color my hair (just the ends in a month or so.. a tester to see if it would work for me)... i wanna go the safe, homemade route first.

if it even works at all!

you're probably thinking why not henna... well these items are already in my house so ha! there!


but any who, ill shall let you know tomorrow how it all turns out..

oh yea its a protein mask as well, go figure!

but seriously,

Pray for me!

these girls keep me sane

my best friends balance me and keep me grounded. they push me to do things i wouldn't normally do and i try to take them out of their comfort zone. we find common interests amongst ourselves and find events to go with that. we find solace in quiet moments, relaxing in each others silence or thoughts. we use each other for comfort or help. we know that each other is reliable in certain times of need or if not we will do all in our power to be there when we can. each offers something different but compliment where the other is lacking and as much as we may frustrate each other on some points we accept the limits and shortcomings with ease.

8 years strong!

Love them Forever N Always!!!!

Dark & Lovely: Curl Power Celebration

A bit late but whatever!

It made me sad to have such a suckish phone with no flash on the camera there was so much eye-popping natural hair styles.. bloggers/vloggers, Curly Nikki, Amanda Seales (awesome DJ btw!) and  Marsha Ambrosius!
From my pic post you can see how they set up areas for us to take pics with different banners of our choosing… just wish he told us that her sign was blocking part of mine. We got our pics taken quite a few times so im hoping they came out good! =)
my girl, Krystal (MochaNapps) and I even got a chance to have a nice convo with NIkki of CurlyKikki! (screams!). krys got lost on remembering Shae of Afroniquely (didnt even remember til after the event was finished and we was chilling in Starbucks down the block lol). 
In starbucks we met with a few girls from the event, Falen of HoneySalon in harlem, she had a great dye job… and Djenneba student at NYU, very funny/talkative character when drunk we found out… but they were interesting and nice people. Too bad we didnt get jen’s contact info. 
all in all i had fun and would def go back to the ARENA for another event. it was a nice spot.

(Me N MochaNapps [Krystal] is in this last one at 3:51!)

Friday, March 1, 2013

Brown Sugar Scrub:

I've done this once in the first year that i went natural, for my one year NappyVersay!. I wasn't too happy with the feel of the large sugar granules and havent done thins since but i found this video and had to give it another try...

So my origianl brown sugar scrub recipe went like this:
  • 1 tbsp honey (just love it!!!)
  • 1 tbsp coconut milk
  • 3 tbsp brown sugar, USDA grade (large granules/crystals)
  • 2 tbsp olive oil
  • 1 tsp coconut oil
  • few drops of tea tea oil
messy mixture and it was just a task to put in..... so yea just NO!

now after watching the video above: I came up with this:
  • 3 tbsp of conditioner of your choosing ( I used UR Curly Quinoa Condit)
  • 1 tsp of oil(s) [ i used Amla oil]
  • 1-2 tbsp of brown sugar.. i learned if you leave the mixture sitting too long before you start using it the crystals will melt.. go figure!
So on dry hair, i sectioned my hair off in four large sections and clipped them to hold it in place. Then i grabbed a section parted it and applied the mixture directly onto my scalp and worked on it from the inside out.Meaning i started from the middle of the section and worked my way out.  Once i felt the section was thoroughly scrubbed i added the mixture to the part itself [ I grabbed more conditioner and applied it to my hair and ends]. i then clipped it back and did the same for the other three sections. afterwards washed it out and applied my deep conditioner. rinsed first with warm water then followed by a 2-3 minute cold water rinse. Moisturized as usual.

Style of the Week (SOTW): Bantu knots

So this week i gave China/Chiney Bumps (its a jamaican thing) or Bantu Knots a go as a means of stretching my hair. or so they say. i found it in one of the methods to stretch natural hair and give it a longer look along with flat twists and braid outs.

So on freshly scrubbed (via Brown Sugar Scrub) and deep conditioned hair... i applied my oil mixture, Shea Moisture Curl enhancing Smoothie and As I Am Smoothing gel as a hold. You dont really need the gel you can use pins to hold the knots in place but i wanted the extra hold and tame on my frizz.

How to Knot the Hair:

  1. on freshly washed, wet/dry hair or on an old twist out, moisturize the hair thoroughly, focus on the ends
  2. section of a reasonable chunk, can be small or large depending on the length of your hair or high tightly coiled you want the end result 
  3. for this part you can either twist the hair then begin to wrap it around itself, or wrap the hair until it starts to coil. 
  4. depending on how tightly you wrap the coils it will end up tucked in by itself or you can use a pin to hold it.
  5. wrap up with satin scarf or cover with bonnet and take down in the morning by loosening the pin, grabbing the ends of your hair and pulling the coil out. 
  6. with a little oil on your fingers, separate the hair or twists. you can either let them fall on their own or separate for a full look the first day. 
This is OhYesItsV on freshly washed & blow-dried hair doing the wrap & tuck method:

This is WestNDNBeauty on an old twist out doing the twist & pin method:

This is me for the week:
day 1: turban style! wasnt ready to take them out as of yet

day 2: pulled the twist out but not apart 
day 3:covered with a scarf overnight with some oil on my ends  
day 4: hand in hair syndrome, had to pull them apart

day 5: frohawk! spritzed and used amazing botanicals pumpkin pomade