Friday, March 15, 2013

Random Thought: Naturals & Sex in the Shower

So a new friend of mine posed this question: How do you handle sex in the shower with your natural hair?

Well, I've never had sex in the shower so i dont know.

But, i was in the shower this morning with my hair in a ponytail (yay!) and my edges tied down.. no shower cap cause i'm a boss like that! 


and i was standing there thinking about how the hell would i handle sex in the shower.. twa phase no problem  (we'll call it a wash n go in the end)

but what about longer hair? 


so im there like is this pre-take down  getting ready for your day type sex or before you get ready for bed type sex?

do you have twists/braids in?

you rocking an up-do?

the fro's out?
like whats going on lol


si dont know if i can handle the whole sex in the shower thing if my hair isnt in the the whole getting ready for bed or i just woke up phase


1 comment:

  1. sometimes you just go with the flow, haha. sex in the shower isn't as easy as it sounds unless you have a big shower but the good thing is we don't have much to worry about with being natural. it's not like our hair can revert, lol. nothing a head band or bun can't fix (assuming your hair is out)