Thursday, March 14, 2013

Are you comfortable in the NUDE?


I mean, think about it...

Are you comfortable in your own skin, love your body enough to take revealing pictures of yourself, in either underwear or full birthday suit?

and then have those pictures on display for an art show?

I am.

I've posed for a photographer multiple times in his studio and outdoors,
(ive known him for the longest and hes cool peoples... or else i wouldnt have agreed to it!)

it took me awhile to be nonchalant about it but i love my body, i accept it flaws, embrace them and move on. I wouldn't change a damn thing about it either.

Some would say that its sluttish or porn but its not.

I know it isn't.

And the pics are never really revealing in that sense in the end.

They are tasteful and besides i don't do crazy poses... way to much work and im not that flexible.

Here are two of my fave shots:

hell you wont even know its me unless i tell you!

so dont be scared and give it a try..

at least you can cross that off your bucket list in the future!



  1. whooo sexy mama! He needs to do pics in the SUMMER time. then I'll feel more comfortable doing it, haha