Friday, March 22, 2013

Face Time: African Black Soap & ACV

So its been almost a week since i started using the soap and my face has been less oily and my pores looks so much better. I use it as a face, hair and body wash..

with Apple Cider Vinegar as my toner.

Why am I using ACV as my toner?

Well there was a post on instagram that cited all the uses of ACV

So in the comments under the picture on IG (click on link to see) one of the IGers stated that they use it as a toner, so i was like cool, i use it to calrify my scalp (love me an ACV rinse or adding it to my washes/conditioners for an extra cleansing mix!) so i thought it would be perfect...


the first couple of days were fine no burning or nothing, but the last few days, my skin felt tight and in like a pear shaped area from nose to mouth, the soap would burn the crap out of me! and to top it off my dumbass still used the ACV toner -___-

i was a trooper though lol.. 
i sucked it up

now i have two dark spots under each corner of my mouth that no matter how much i moisturize today will stay looking dry and peeling... SIGH!!!!

sigh, im just glad its friday.. hopefully it'll end by sunday

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