Monday, March 25, 2013


Ok, so here's the main reason for this post...

One of my pet peeves is having to deal with people who cant seem to think for themselves are always looking at you, what your doing, how your living for stuff that they can, in proper negro terms "BITE" off of...

Yea i don't mind being the inspiration for you to do things in your own way, on your own time without my involvement but when i need to be involved its a problem.

See my mother is a follower, its always (in terms of hair stuff and cooking and shopping):

"oh can you do this for me too?"
"what are you mixing, what is that for?"
"how should i do this?"
"am i using enough?"
"can you make this for us?"
"can you show me how to do this again?" Mind you i showed her like 10 times already
"where did you get that from and why don't you think of your mother when you go buy things?"
"where did you get that from i want the same exact thing?"


This is what i deal with on a yearly basis.. see why i don't like followers

I don't mind giving advice, pointers in the right direction ,telling you where i shop or got things from recently.
I don't mind showing you how to mix and make
I don't mind giving you the website where i got the recipe

But there has to be a line where you do on your own and leave me out of it or you'll never learn


  1. Hahahahaha, It's 'cuz she name "Mom." I know it gets annoying but that's what they do, mine including, lol. We keep them young and in the know.