Sunday, March 17, 2013

Back to Life

Hey all, so im here in bed pre-pooing and im just like blah.

I feel blah, look blah, and dont feel like doing shit after last nights shenanigans.

Went out for my girl ashleys bday at,play lounge (billards, bowling, bull riding, fooz ball, ping pong) and im not sure i would do it again... The music was old and DJ had no good transitions and hardly played anything up to date. the waitress showed her face all of two times to seat us and to get the bill. We had to chase her down or try to get other waitresses to find her


No good service... And had the nerve to add gratuity to the check... Bitch got no tip!

There were a few naturals out and one of the bouncers said he like my hair... Asked if it was mines too lol.

We got there at 11ish stayed til after 3, made the most of what we had.

And now im here trying to stay awake so i can wash my hair lol

I just know im going to bed early tonight!

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