Friday, March 1, 2013

Style of the Week (SOTW): Bantu knots

So this week i gave China/Chiney Bumps (its a jamaican thing) or Bantu Knots a go as a means of stretching my hair. or so they say. i found it in one of the methods to stretch natural hair and give it a longer look along with flat twists and braid outs.

So on freshly scrubbed (via Brown Sugar Scrub) and deep conditioned hair... i applied my oil mixture, Shea Moisture Curl enhancing Smoothie and As I Am Smoothing gel as a hold. You dont really need the gel you can use pins to hold the knots in place but i wanted the extra hold and tame on my frizz.

How to Knot the Hair:

  1. on freshly washed, wet/dry hair or on an old twist out, moisturize the hair thoroughly, focus on the ends
  2. section of a reasonable chunk, can be small or large depending on the length of your hair or high tightly coiled you want the end result 
  3. for this part you can either twist the hair then begin to wrap it around itself, or wrap the hair until it starts to coil. 
  4. depending on how tightly you wrap the coils it will end up tucked in by itself or you can use a pin to hold it.
  5. wrap up with satin scarf or cover with bonnet and take down in the morning by loosening the pin, grabbing the ends of your hair and pulling the coil out. 
  6. with a little oil on your fingers, separate the hair or twists. you can either let them fall on their own or separate for a full look the first day. 
This is OhYesItsV on freshly washed & blow-dried hair doing the wrap & tuck method:

This is WestNDNBeauty on an old twist out doing the twist & pin method:

This is me for the week:
day 1: turban style! wasnt ready to take them out as of yet

day 2: pulled the twist out but not apart 
day 3:covered with a scarf overnight with some oil on my ends  
day 4: hand in hair syndrome, had to pull them apart

day 5: frohawk! spritzed and used amazing botanicals pumpkin pomade

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