Thursday, March 14, 2013

This Bitch...

Had the nerve to call me her assistant!

Whoa.... Whoa... Whoa!

Hold the Fuck Up, since when was i demotted into being HER assistant... last time i checked, i was hired long before, managed distribution long before they hired her, wrote the damn standard operating procedure for distribution, and had to fix her fucking mistakes for the first 3 monthst that she was her (mind you i still am)

And the bitch said this when i was running late (cause silly me left my wallet in Kizz's car after our Girls Night )

"Oh your here, i thought my assistant was taking the day off"

I paused and walked away cause I dont even know what the hell to say to that without sounding mean, condescending, jerk,  fuck it a major pissed off jamaican woman.

Its like, ive been here for almost 5 years now, they always mess up my name, walk over me to get to her to give her work, and im like, WTF... im just here to take up space


Let me get paid for sitting on my ass then too passive aggressive for my own good, but they are pushing it

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