Monday, March 11, 2013

Chocolate Hair Mask (Protein Conditioner)

Hello to all you fabulous readers out there, though i don't know if anyone actually reads these things but I had another DIY Hair Care weekend and it involved my favorite thing of all time: CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!

love the smell, the taste, the creaminess... you know the all around yumminess!

Now what made me decide to use chocolate on my hair... well i had the Hershey's cocoa powder in my house and i wondered if i could use a hair mask out of it..

you know what came next right?... GOOGLE!

So here are the benefits:

"Chocolate is high in fat and has a bit of protein - a great combination for a conditioner worth trying.  (This sweet also has a small amount of caffeine, which studies have suggested may stimulate hair growth in those suffering from balding.[1])" via hair & health

"Yogurt (or yoghurt for our lovely ladies in the UK) is high in lactic acid, and has natural antifungal and antibacterial properties. The yogurt works to stimulate hair growth and fight dandruff by acting as a natural cleanser that tightens and clarifies the pores on your scalp. The protein properties help to strengthen and moisturize your hair and to tame persistent, pesky fly-aways by smoothing your strands. The creamy consistency and antibacterial ingredients help to soothe your scalp and reduce any itchiness." via Lipstick Masala

Honey: humectant

So here is where i found the Chocolate Hair Mask Recipe

And here is how i found the supplies: Cocoa powder (ill use melted dark chocolate next time) and honey: my cupboard, the Greek yogurt stole it from the office fridge (hey if no one was gonna eat it i might as well put it to good use!)


they said saran wrap (like i really have that in my house) i used a plastic bag as usual lol

Oh my yum! the smell of chocolate in the air! left this on covered for a good hour or so, and washed it out with warm water, followed by a blast of cold water. I didn't shampoo afterwards. just left some oil in overnight cause my ends felt crunchy and that was it. 

I  moisturized with shea moisture curl smoothie, and whipped shea butter on my ends for the day (it was laundry day!), followed by kinky curl curling custard when i styled it up in bantu knots for the night.


(im at work so dont mind the background!)

This is more of a summer time mask, yogurt cools body temp down and honey draws in moisture from the hair.. but its cold out here in nYC

All in all my hair loved the mask, but my ends weren't feeling it this time =/


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    1. sorry for the lat response.. but go ahead tell me hoe it works out for you. i cant wait to do it again myself,, i just dont know how my hair would react to it since i colored it. cause when my mom did it the masak actually darkened it. so im nervous. good luck and enjoy the chocolate!