Friday, March 29, 2013

Face Time Update: Aloe Vera to the Rescue!

So my skin finally stopped peeling and i found out why it had such a strong reaction in the first place...

dont mind ugh face!
see my skin was all dry and peeling and now really discolored =(

ACV as a toner was to much/strong for my skin to handle... the Black Soap alone works just fine for me (yea i was still using it after wards i just stopped with ACV as my toner

So one of my coworkers has an Aloe Vera plant growing in the office.. she says its soaks up the bad juju (yea we're all somewhat superstitious about some things) and im just like since she's not here at the main office anymore ill just cut me a piece and use it for my face...


I should have waited to do that when i got home!

My face started peeling off that burned skin at the office and i was shedding like crazy.. spent a good minute in the bathroom trying to clear it all off.

I def did it again last night after washing with the Black Soap (real quick too wasnt on my face for long!) and using the Freeman Acai Clay Mask... my skin is still discolored but i hoped that the palmers cocoa butter does its job in fading dark marks... at least im not oily!

thats like the only upside to all of this... well that and i have a really good concealer now so i can start with the makeup again if i want ::shrugs::

me today!

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