Monday, March 18, 2013

Grad School Blues

So last November i took my GRE and did not get high above the 50th percentile in terms of scoring and i told myself that i would retake it in April of this year and try for grad school in the fall...

but, im not ready to go back... the timing seems off and im still unsure of my intended career field.

i want to do counseling yes, 
i want to work with kids of course, 
and working in a school is top on my list.. 

but im not sure if i want to box myself into school counseling anymore. the title itself is limiting and i hate to limit myself. i want to branch out in youth counseling in all areas.. juvenile, mental health, familial issues, etc.

so now, after searching through CUNY programs... im faced with the decision of going back for a second bachelors in child & youth services at Brooklyn College or continuing on with my MSED in counseling education or MSW at Lehman, Hunter, York, or Brooklyn College

its just my grades tho..

just a sign would be nice...

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  1. *whispers* MSW.......and York and Brooklyn college don't have masters programs. Hunter is the best and Lehman is pretty good too. I could give you alllllll the positives of the social work route haha