Monday, April 29, 2013

Day Out with the Wife

So i have my natural hair wifey (MochaNapps) and then my everyday wifey (Kizzy) lol..

I was out with Kizz, she wanted to the FWF Brunch in the City at PArlor Lounge... ye we went, we saw shit, and we left... like seriously the hour it took us to get there was more eventful than the 15 minutes of us actually staying there.

the wait for tables was ridiculous, we wanted to order drinks at the bar but we had to get a server to get them for us -___-

Yea we left...

I took her to Spice over in Chelsea and along the walk there from the train station there was the Chelsea Bazaar going on in the middle of 8th ave.


So i was hype i saw fried oreos! did i buy any.. nope lol
She was hype she saw fried picles! did she buy any... nope lol

Spice was nice we got some good drinks and a whole lot of food

so we stopped by one of the booths, she bought us braided bracelets and a ring for herself, i got a ring and a pocket watch for Krys, Do i have a picture no not at the moment lol

and lookit

not for no $35 lol
but we both enjoyed our day out 

and i needed it especially after the random as pain in my vagina on friday that made me call out of work, TMI i dont care cause that shit hurt like hell! and no, it was cramps those started yesterday 

He Called, He Stopped By...

SO let me begin by saying that HE, the one that i have been trying to get over for the longest, the one who was the second person to reject my feelings for them, and the one who i've experienced so much with..

Called me at 4' something saturday morning

Why? because in his words "i am the only weird person that would still be up at such an hour"

Honestly i had to look at my phone like who the hell was calling me so early in the morning because the number wasn't familiar AT ALL! and then he started talking some FBI nonsense but when he went into ninja mode i was just like ugh.. this loser lol

the time we spent together was nice, we stayed on the phone talking until he drove up to my house mostly BS talk that made no sense and us catching up. He was down for his dads birthday and I was just a stop on the way i guess. We hung out for a few hours, talked about the changes we saw in each other, he bought me a vanilla chai, We kissed  =)

In a way we were both using each other, i had to see if my feelings were still there or if his changed. Mines did and his pretty much stayed the same. Yea we made out for a bit, some kissing and heavy petting but to me it wasnt the same... like i said i dont feel anything for him anymore.

I told him that i didnt think that we would see each other again, like ever. and he was like why? i just said we hardly talk or see each other as is, so why wouldn't i think that, yes i know he works 12 hour shifts and stuff, and now i know he has an apartment up in CT where my girl used to pick me from the train station when i used to visit her up there, hes cemented up there. I dont see why we should try to continue anything here.

Im not a selfish person but i will be selfish in this. i want someone who i can talk to often, doesnt have to be everday, or even if they are overworked who will at least hit me up once in a while to let me know that they're ok, hell alive even. I dont mind not having physical contact i can deal without it, but i need to hear from you more than once every few months.


anyway i told him that i worked on getting rid of my feelings for him and forgetting about him and he said he was sorry, i told him dont worry bout it.. i never told him i succeeded.

any way, he dropped me home, and asked me to call him later...
did i.. yes (twice)
did he answer....

Again, sigh..

cant say i didnt abide by his request

his birthday will probably be the last time he hears from me...
just a week away

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Benefits of Being Broke

haha this video.. on point but hilarious that whole bitch this that and the third at the end... NO -__-

but anywho enjoy being broke, learn who your real friends are, learn to save, learn to budget, learn how to live on a budge, learn to appreciate the small things 

i know i do

The No PrePoo CoWash

Yea that did not work out..

so i was running late to work one day and forgot all about body hygiene that day... i washed my face and brushed my teeth  but no shower i dressed and ran lol

Coming home though my mom said she smelled my arm.. i was just like damn i aint shave or shower (tmi, i know but who cares) so i knew i was funky... headed straight to the shower and decided to CoWash while i was in there just because..

Let. me. tell. you!

my hair felt like trash!

while i was under the water,it felt dry, like dry dry like i needed a protein treatment or hot oil treatment but it wasnt necessary like i moisturized the day before so it surprised so used to doing my prepoo stage with my oils over night or before washing that feeling it without that stage was just like ugh

Hell i even skipped on the sectioning part

I know, i know i was just asking for it... detangling was no fun, Hello Hydration didnt do much for my dry hair, it felt matted and just yuck

So for the future i know to never, ever, ever ever ever ever skip on my prepoo stage or the sectioning of my hair even for a CoWash


No More Products!!!!

Ok, you dont understand... i am on my way to becoming a huge product junkie and i refuse to be one of those girls...

so, i am not buying anymore products anytime soon... the only thing i really need to get are oils to stock up on, thats pretty much it.

So i have products from the Edens Event:

from the Let Your Hair Down Expo:

From Shea Moisture Flash Sale on

Winnings from the Wondercurl Giveaway:

And of course Curlkit (no pic...).. debating on canceling my subscription or not ::shrug::

I mean seriously my product bag is hug and my samples bag is getting bigger & bigger ... (pic later lol).... then of course my cantu products but thats a review coming this weekend =)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Poem: My Something or My Everything by KC Burke

If I cannot give you my everything
Will you take my anything?
My love that will smother you,
My heart that will yearn for you,
My body that will lust for you,
My mind that will constantly think of you

If not my anything,
will you take my something?
My antics that will annoy you,
My sarcasm that will kill you,
my anger that will swallow you,
My silence that will drown you

So will it be
my something,
my anything
or will you take the chance
and wait for
my everything


*again another lost poem hidden in the cracks of my world*
*have no clue when this was written but i think its been over a year or so*

Monday, April 15, 2013

Face Time: I Found It!!!

My holy grail skin care product.. as much as i would like to say that the black soap and aloe vera was doing the best for me.. it wasnt ::shrug::


Carols Daughter Acai Clarifying skin care line definitely is it for me!

Photo Credit: Carols Daughter
So there's a  foam cleanser that smells like lemons and a toner that contains a nautral exfoliant called meadowsweet.. no you wont feel the beads or anything like that scrubbing your face but it does a great job! and then theres the calrifying lotion, very lightweight. you put it on right after the toner so that they both work on your face throughout the day.

My skin is clearing up nicely, my pores look so much smaller, and the dark spots from the abs/acv burn look so much lighter!

Sigh... i'm in love!

This product i give a major thumbs up and thanks to the lovely

Friday, April 12, 2013

poem: untitled for now...

I loved you once before
      but it was not enough
to reach and hold you
      for you to love me
on your own

and i knew it from the start
      that it would never be
so i hid myself from you
     and downplayed my heart
and now...
silence consumes us both

(its a work in progress.. i think)

Monday, April 8, 2013

Carol's daughter & CurlX: Spring Repair & Renew Mixer


<---The lovely ladies from CurlX.. Nikki on the right and Jasmine on the left.. blogger Toia of ToBNatural in the middle (thats who told me about the event)

So this event was just fun all around.. i showed up on CP time cause you know i was washing my hair and shit.. started late on it and that was my EBW weekend hair care post.. i left out of there with wet hair and some definitionfrom the twists i had in.. it was fun had a high puff thing going .I went with my girl Krystal and met one of my friends from HSA (Haitian Student Assoc. at Hunter College) there, Curlee D.

Curlee, Moi, et Krystal

 So there the ladies of Carols Daughter and CurlX spoke on using Carol's Daughter products on both ahir and face and how it greatly moisturized their hair and changed the skin for the better. With me dealing with my dark spots from the reaction to the ACV & black Soap combo i was an avid listener. Jasmine of CurlX spoke of her discomfort n her own skin due to acne and dark spots and now that she has been using the Acai skin care line of CD it has changed her skin for the better and with that her confidence in herself grew and she learned to love herself as is. Just like i do. She was a sweetheart to talk to. After the discussion ladies were free to browse, talk to Jasmine & Nikki, or take part in free facials, hand scrubs, or hair consultations.

Photo Credit: KnottiNikki via Instagram.. Facials from Saniyam (just noticed myself in the background lol)

this will be my new skin care product.. it worked so great on me even my mom said i was glowing!

Hand Scrubs from Natalie

It was a great turn out and i definitely enjoyed my self. krystal wanted to get her hair done but wasn't happy with the $100 first time consulation fee she had to go through.. i wasn't either, all she wanted to do was color her hair, sigh the pains of a naturals wallet when she wants to go get it done.

Weekend Hair Care : Eden BodyWorks

So I've had a sample of EBW Peppermint tea tree shampoo since circle of sisters... been months since then and im giving away more than half the samples that ive gottent from that even without even using them myself due to some ingredients disagreement.

(lomg sentence i know)

but anywho from the Style With Eden event for the launch of their Coconut Shea style line i acquired a few of their products from their gift bags and you know the samples lying on the tables... were we supposed to take them... idk but they ended up in my bag at the end of the night!

<---- So from the gift bag i received the Jojoba Monoi Conditioner & Shampoo sample and the Coconut Shea CoWash

From my greedy eyes and fingers lol I took the Coconut Shea Leave in Conditioner and the Curl Defining Pudding ---->
So far the past two weekends and during the week along with some of my own stuff, ive been using all of my EBW full sized samples. i still have yet to use the shampoo's

1st weekend: I did a hot oil treatment followed by an ACV rinse, then the CocoShea CoWash, then the Jojoba Monoi Conditioner... then I used the LOC method to lock everything in with my oil mixture and the CocoShea leave-in. the next day i re-twisted with the curl pudding. throughout the week i either used the leave in and oil or the curl pudding and oil.. 


2nd Weekend: I pre-pooed with Nubian Heritage Indian hemp & Tamanu growth & strengthening treatment with amla, castor oil, and evco. I followed by using the CoWash, then Tropical Isle JBCO Protein Conditioner, then the Jojoba Monoi Conditioner to rid myself of the smell... oh my stars that protein condit smelled liked spicy pickles! and it lingered for a bit afterwards, sigh

So my hair after that didn't feel great at all... my ends stiff felt rough, i thought i may have overdone it with the protein the past couple of weeks but i realized its been a while since my last trim.. a little over three months to be exact. so i took care of that! My hair felt better, i braided my hair with the curl creme and oil, then re-twisted it with some shea butter on my ends.. my hair feels so soft and my ends are still a little crinkly but its fine.. change in weather and all

 the only thing i didnt like about the Cowash was the consistency: its too watery and works better using from an applicator bottle then a jar....... all in all thumbs up to Eden Body Works!

Friday, April 5, 2013

This Bitch (2)


This woman is giving me more migraines than i would care for in this office.

I dont know how in the world i haven't throttled her or cursed her out already.

Yesterday.. oh boy yesterday...

::deep breathe::

I am so glad i have that level of control over myself cause i swear that i would have lost my job yesterday, hell i was ready to quit!

So heres the thing in distribution its just me and her and sometimes a third person helps. now with the moves in cuny's system of all full time personnel going to a central office there are less people in the office at the main campus. so when someone is going fro lunch we have to see if at least one or two is gonna stay behind and you know "man the fort"

so when the assistant director gone and everyone else out for lunch i was there after i finished my lunch doing some of my work that had piled while i was downstairs and manning the window.. so its while im helping someone that my phone is blowing up and its 'this bitch' asking me to come down so she can come up and do what she needs to in regards to her 'schedule'

by this point i dont particularly care for her and im taking my sweet as time to go downstairs

she had the nerve to ask me if i 'work distribution"

mind you ive been working distribution for almost 5 years, managing it for 2, and its only when her bitch ass came around that shit started fucking up.. with her busy body. no patience having, always cussing/complaining bout something...


oh the tension in this place now..
anyone wanna help me find a new job.. preferably in a school in nyc area.. charter schools are cool too

Monday, April 1, 2013

April/May Events

Hey, so here are my moves for April & May:

Wednesday, April 3: FWF NYC Fools & Brews

Saturday, April 6: Carols Daughter mixer
Sold Out

Saturday, April 20: Let Your Hair Down Expo

Friday, April 26: Be Bonafide Magazine Roll Call & Mixer

Saturday, May 18: International Natural Hair Meetup Day! Sponsered by Natural Girls Rock