Monday, April 15, 2013

Face Time: I Found It!!!

My holy grail skin care product.. as much as i would like to say that the black soap and aloe vera was doing the best for me.. it wasnt ::shrug::


Carols Daughter Acai Clarifying skin care line definitely is it for me!

Photo Credit: Carols Daughter
So there's a  foam cleanser that smells like lemons and a toner that contains a nautral exfoliant called meadowsweet.. no you wont feel the beads or anything like that scrubbing your face but it does a great job! and then theres the calrifying lotion, very lightweight. you put it on right after the toner so that they both work on your face throughout the day.

My skin is clearing up nicely, my pores look so much smaller, and the dark spots from the abs/acv burn look so much lighter!

Sigh... i'm in love!

This product i give a major thumbs up and thanks to the lovely

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