Thursday, April 25, 2013

The No PrePoo CoWash

Yea that did not work out..

so i was running late to work one day and forgot all about body hygiene that day... i washed my face and brushed my teeth  but no shower i dressed and ran lol

Coming home though my mom said she smelled my arm.. i was just like damn i aint shave or shower (tmi, i know but who cares) so i knew i was funky... headed straight to the shower and decided to CoWash while i was in there just because..

Let. me. tell. you!

my hair felt like trash!

while i was under the water,it felt dry, like dry dry like i needed a protein treatment or hot oil treatment but it wasnt necessary like i moisturized the day before so it surprised so used to doing my prepoo stage with my oils over night or before washing that feeling it without that stage was just like ugh

Hell i even skipped on the sectioning part

I know, i know i was just asking for it... detangling was no fun, Hello Hydration didnt do much for my dry hair, it felt matted and just yuck

So for the future i know to never, ever, ever ever ever ever skip on my prepoo stage or the sectioning of my hair even for a CoWash


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