Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekend Hair Care : Eden BodyWorks

So I've had a sample of EBW Peppermint tea tree shampoo since circle of sisters... been months since then and im giving away more than half the samples that ive gottent from that even without even using them myself due to some ingredients disagreement.

(lomg sentence i know)

but anywho from the Style With Eden event for the launch of their Coconut Shea style line i acquired a few of their products from their gift bags and you know the samples lying on the tables... were we supposed to take them... idk but they ended up in my bag at the end of the night!

<---- So from the gift bag i received the Jojoba Monoi Conditioner & Shampoo sample and the Coconut Shea CoWash

From my greedy eyes and fingers lol I took the Coconut Shea Leave in Conditioner and the Curl Defining Pudding ---->
So far the past two weekends and during the week along with some of my own stuff, ive been using all of my EBW full sized samples. i still have yet to use the shampoo's

1st weekend: I did a hot oil treatment followed by an ACV rinse, then the CocoShea CoWash, then the Jojoba Monoi Conditioner... then I used the LOC method to lock everything in with my oil mixture and the CocoShea leave-in. the next day i re-twisted with the curl pudding. throughout the week i either used the leave in and oil or the curl pudding and oil.. 


2nd Weekend: I pre-pooed with Nubian Heritage Indian hemp & Tamanu growth & strengthening treatment with amla, castor oil, and evco. I followed by using the CoWash, then Tropical Isle JBCO Protein Conditioner, then the Jojoba Monoi Conditioner to rid myself of the smell... oh my stars that protein condit smelled liked spicy pickles! and it lingered for a bit afterwards, sigh

So my hair after that didn't feel great at all... my ends stiff felt rough, i thought i may have overdone it with the protein the past couple of weeks but i realized its been a while since my last trim.. a little over three months to be exact. so i took care of that! My hair felt better, i braided my hair with the curl creme and oil, then re-twisted it with some shea butter on my ends.. my hair feels so soft and my ends are still a little crinkly but its fine.. change in weather and all

 the only thing i didnt like about the Cowash was the consistency: its too watery and works better using from an applicator bottle then a jar....... all in all thumbs up to Eden Body Works!

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