Friday, April 5, 2013

This Bitch (2)


This woman is giving me more migraines than i would care for in this office.

I dont know how in the world i haven't throttled her or cursed her out already.

Yesterday.. oh boy yesterday...

::deep breathe::

I am so glad i have that level of control over myself cause i swear that i would have lost my job yesterday, hell i was ready to quit!

So heres the thing in distribution its just me and her and sometimes a third person helps. now with the moves in cuny's system of all full time personnel going to a central office there are less people in the office at the main campus. so when someone is going fro lunch we have to see if at least one or two is gonna stay behind and you know "man the fort"

so when the assistant director gone and everyone else out for lunch i was there after i finished my lunch doing some of my work that had piled while i was downstairs and manning the window.. so its while im helping someone that my phone is blowing up and its 'this bitch' asking me to come down so she can come up and do what she needs to in regards to her 'schedule'

by this point i dont particularly care for her and im taking my sweet as time to go downstairs

she had the nerve to ask me if i 'work distribution"

mind you ive been working distribution for almost 5 years, managing it for 2, and its only when her bitch ass came around that shit started fucking up.. with her busy body. no patience having, always cussing/complaining bout something...


oh the tension in this place now..
anyone wanna help me find a new job.. preferably in a school in nyc area.. charter schools are cool too

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