Monday, April 29, 2013

Day Out with the Wife

So i have my natural hair wifey (MochaNapps) and then my everyday wifey (Kizzy) lol..

I was out with Kizz, she wanted to the FWF Brunch in the City at PArlor Lounge... ye we went, we saw shit, and we left... like seriously the hour it took us to get there was more eventful than the 15 minutes of us actually staying there.

the wait for tables was ridiculous, we wanted to order drinks at the bar but we had to get a server to get them for us -___-

Yea we left...

I took her to Spice over in Chelsea and along the walk there from the train station there was the Chelsea Bazaar going on in the middle of 8th ave.


So i was hype i saw fried oreos! did i buy any.. nope lol
She was hype she saw fried picles! did she buy any... nope lol

Spice was nice we got some good drinks and a whole lot of food

so we stopped by one of the booths, she bought us braided bracelets and a ring for herself, i got a ring and a pocket watch for Krys, Do i have a picture no not at the moment lol

and lookit

not for no $35 lol
but we both enjoyed our day out 

and i needed it especially after the random as pain in my vagina on friday that made me call out of work, TMI i dont care cause that shit hurt like hell! and no, it was cramps those started yesterday 

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