Monday, April 8, 2013

Carol's daughter & CurlX: Spring Repair & Renew Mixer


<---The lovely ladies from CurlX.. Nikki on the right and Jasmine on the left.. blogger Toia of ToBNatural in the middle (thats who told me about the event)

So this event was just fun all around.. i showed up on CP time cause you know i was washing my hair and shit.. started late on it and that was my EBW weekend hair care post.. i left out of there with wet hair and some definitionfrom the twists i had in.. it was fun had a high puff thing going .I went with my girl Krystal and met one of my friends from HSA (Haitian Student Assoc. at Hunter College) there, Curlee D.

Curlee, Moi, et Krystal

 So there the ladies of Carols Daughter and CurlX spoke on using Carol's Daughter products on both ahir and face and how it greatly moisturized their hair and changed the skin for the better. With me dealing with my dark spots from the reaction to the ACV & black Soap combo i was an avid listener. Jasmine of CurlX spoke of her discomfort n her own skin due to acne and dark spots and now that she has been using the Acai skin care line of CD it has changed her skin for the better and with that her confidence in herself grew and she learned to love herself as is. Just like i do. She was a sweetheart to talk to. After the discussion ladies were free to browse, talk to Jasmine & Nikki, or take part in free facials, hand scrubs, or hair consultations.

Photo Credit: KnottiNikki via Instagram.. Facials from Saniyam (just noticed myself in the background lol)

this will be my new skin care product.. it worked so great on me even my mom said i was glowing!

Hand Scrubs from Natalie

It was a great turn out and i definitely enjoyed my self. krystal wanted to get her hair done but wasn't happy with the $100 first time consulation fee she had to go through.. i wasn't either, all she wanted to do was color her hair, sigh the pains of a naturals wallet when she wants to go get it done.

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