Friday, March 29, 2013

Eden's Body Works: Style With Eden NYC

Hello luvs!

So last Wednesday, March 20 was Eden Body Works launch party of their style line... Coconut Shea (smells absolutely fabulous!!!)

The line consists of a leave-in conditioner, Co-wash, curl defining creme, curling souffle, balm...
Jasmine lawrence, founder of Edens Body Works spoke on how the product had been going on from 13 years now (did not know that), she spoke of her school life while maintaing the product upkeep and how she had to drop one for the other. Also there may be some body products in development..

will be available online April 1 and in stores May 1!
the panel stylist: TL- Felicia Leatherwood of loving you natural hair, TR -  Kela Walker of  kela's closet, Milly Almodovar of BeautyLogicBlog, and Latisha Daring of Ashtyn Online 

The panel spoke on fashion, hair, makeup and body type. They were straight and to the point and very nice when it came to the whole snapping pics with everyone later and the random convos. There was a timeless dress and a abstract print shorts with a kimono top (loved the shorts!) from Ashtyn Online

Photo Credit: 

 i enjoyed myself and mad that Krys couldnt make it. But i made new friends and ran into bloggers/vloggers Toia of TobNatursal, Mo from CurlsandMo, and Danielle of StyleBeautyDoc.. and i had to the pleasure to sit with founder of EBW, Jasmine Lawrence! (screams!) She was so nice to speak to and i showed her one of my earring designs, which she loved btw, and said that she would buy once the shop was up and running (screams again!)

Myself with blogger CurlsandMo Photo Credit: Toia B of Tobnatural

Style with EDEN NYC Panelists
Photo credit: Nik Wes photography The Panelist & Founder (in the middle) jasmine lawrence
sadly neither of us had business cards on us at the time but i did walk away with her email! (yes, networking baby!)

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