Friday, March 8, 2013

Dark & Lovely: Curl Power Celebration

A bit late but whatever!

It made me sad to have such a suckish phone with no flash on the camera there was so much eye-popping natural hair styles.. bloggers/vloggers, Curly Nikki, Amanda Seales (awesome DJ btw!) and  Marsha Ambrosius!
From my pic post you can see how they set up areas for us to take pics with different banners of our choosing… just wish he told us that her sign was blocking part of mine. We got our pics taken quite a few times so im hoping they came out good! =)
my girl, Krystal (MochaNapps) and I even got a chance to have a nice convo with NIkki of CurlyKikki! (screams!). krys got lost on remembering Shae of Afroniquely (didnt even remember til after the event was finished and we was chilling in Starbucks down the block lol). 
In starbucks we met with a few girls from the event, Falen of HoneySalon in harlem, she had a great dye job… and Djenneba student at NYU, very funny/talkative character when drunk we found out… but they were interesting and nice people. Too bad we didnt get jen’s contact info. 
all in all i had fun and would def go back to the ARENA for another event. it was a nice spot.

(Me N MochaNapps [Krystal] is in this last one at 3:51!)

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