Friday, March 8, 2013

This Weekend DIY Hair Care: Chocolate Hair Mask

Yep i said it.. i love chocolate so much that im gonna put it in my hair!


no side eyes.. no judging.

What i found with using chocolate as a hair mask is that it is highlighter for brunettes. and i kinda miss seeing my highlights from when i would perm my hair, that's when all the reds, browns, and some golds would appear.

even though i am going to color my hair (just the ends in a month or so.. a tester to see if it would work for me)... i wanna go the safe, homemade route first.

if it even works at all!

you're probably thinking why not henna... well these items are already in my house so ha! there!


but any who, ill shall let you know tomorrow how it all turns out..

oh yea its a protein mask as well, go figure!

but seriously,

Pray for me!

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