Thursday, November 21, 2013


Photo Source: Google; Sun Salutation Sequence

YTTP 2: or Yoga To The People.. is my go to yoga spot. Mostly because its a donation based yoga class (can you say free.99!) or $5 a class pending on te location. And the location i go to is of course the $5 place lol.

I try to go 2 days a week, Tuesdays and Thursday, after work. Tuesdays because of a flexibility class and Thursday because its a core yoga class.... and let me tell you this one thing about these classes.. they are fucking serious.

the flexibility class had me stretching in ways i never imagined (i really need to get back to it) and the core yoga class (omg i had a friend go with me and one pose we looked at each other like WTF!! lol) is the same but i really, really enjoy going to the core yoga class more.

these are power workout classes and i usually do a vinyasa flow class, just going through the positions at an easy pace and keeping a steady breath. i do yoga to clear my mind and get a good stretch/workout as well. Doorways to deeper practice is always good.

the schedule changes up and they usually post up thedaily, weekly, monthly schedule for everyone to see. Like i know next week, ill be going to a kriplau (vinyasa) flow class on tuesday and a maybe ill head to a dharma yoga class on friday given that its black friday. So like i said its always good to look up the schedule to see whats available. and which teachers will be there. the instructors are nice and hold conversation with you before and after classes and if you need help with anything they will gladly show you.

So if anyone is in the NYC are and ever near  Grammercy, check out the YTTP 2 studio on 23rd & 3rd. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. If $5 is too much for you, the St. Marks location is donation based. I hope to see you guys there one day

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