Monday, November 25, 2013

Philosophical Mornings: Try Something New

Hey all, so i've been thinking for a while of my plans for my 25th birthday and my main thing is to go to a gun range. Why? you ask, well why the hell not and i think it would be cool to learn. not as a from of protection, not trying to look tough, not to be liscenced in carrying a weapon.. but all for the sake of trying something different. Of going outside my own box. of venturing outside my norm.

There are so many things i want to try and i want people to do it with me. I want others to experience that elation of trying something that we've never done beofre. Something that maybe one day crossed our minds but never really gave it any thought.

So i put together a list:
  • Gun Range
  • Archery
  • Guitar
  • Rock Climbing
  • Knitting/Crotchet
  • Learn to swim
  • Balloon Ride
  • Ziplining
  • Bungee Jumping
  • Skydiving
  • Roadtrip through all 50 States (eventually)
  • See auroras lights
  • Try food from all over the world (actually visiting other countries)
  • Travel to Australia, France, Ireland
  • Go to Jamaica (visit fam)
  • Go go-karting
  • Ride a horse
  • Hike a mountain/go camping & see the stars
All these things and more are stuff that i want to try one year or many down the line. Call it a bucket list of sorts if you want. I've already looked in archery, gun range, guitar, and rock climbing and those are actually in one of the boroughs around me. And im happy to start some where. 

Its just feels like im stuck in the same routine day in and day out that my heart feels heavy. Well it feels heavy for so many other things really but nothing sparks excitement in me as it did before. And everyday something should spark a piece of happiness. At least i believe it to be that way.

I hope you guys start making your own list and get out there and experience the world.


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