Saturday, December 1, 2012

long term flings vs longest relationship

so i was out with my best friends last week and we got into a conversation of our longest flings/boyfriends that lasted more than a month since jhs/hs....

out of the three of us we all had at least five people. including at least one boyfriend. i realized that i had more long term flings thananything else and after that it was all just long term sex friends. (or lollipops as my girl thania calls them)

and it jsut makes me feel like i am not good enough to be in a long term relationship with. sure i didnt mind the flings, sure i thought of them as monagamous, sure i envisioned us as being somethinf more but it never worked out.

again with the feelings of inadequacy...

i didnt mind the flings but im at that point where i want something more in my life, i want the stability of that one person to talk to , to kis, to make love to, to love and be loved back....

and right now no one is up for the position

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