Thursday, December 27, 2012

Gotta Luv Them Days!

.. when you wake up feeling good. like all the weight you been carrying around for days just seems lighter or you can finally see the brighter side of things, like everything will be alright.

... when you wake up feeling refreshed, like you caught the best nights sleep ever even though you went to sleep at your normal late hours or just went to sleep early cause all those late nights finally caught up to you.

...when you wake up singing a tune that you haven't heard in awhile and you iPod seems to pick up on your good mood and just plays good songs straight through your morning travels and and you don't even have to skip over anything.

... when you wake up to a random good morning text, that just makes you smile. they even wish you to have a good day, and that just makes you smile brighter.

... seriously gotta luv them days when you wake up with a skip in your step and a lightness on your chest, a tune on your lips, and a shine on your aura.

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