Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Poem: Familial Dispute

So i was mad about the gift (a little) more so on my mothers comment:

I want to shout out in anger
Scream obscenties
and tell truths
about myself
about you
I want to vent my frustrations
I need to speak out vexations
I have to let it out
before it consumes me
before you think its okay
to let me feel
unsure of myself
tormented by your opinion
flustered by your attutidue
its not okay for me to be this way
its not okay for me to feel this hate
and dislike
for family
the words spewing out of your mouth
are tasteless
and leave no room to remedy
its effects on my being
I am hurt
I am sad
I perplexed iwth my emotions
Feel free to let up on your opinions
Or continue to bash my being
in jest

ah my mother, didnt like the fact that i didnt like how she joked in calling me an 'alcoholic' well tuff! not everything is rainbows and butterflies

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