Monday, December 10, 2012


So i graduated in May and I decided to take a year off of school because really, i've been going straight since Kindergarten and i needed a highly overdue break from the educational system

dont worry i plan to go back. i want my masters or doctorate in counseling.
I have my primary schools that i want to attend (queens - masters, or hofstra - PsyD) and i have my backup (brooklyn - masters, cuny grad - PhD)

and then theres my random ass backup for when all else fails.... Massage Therapy
Yea, random i know but hey go with what you're good at. And I'm awesome at massages. lol

But its just lately i've been feeling stuck and lost and i just dont know what to do with myself. I have my mind set on grad school but im not making any moves other than the GRE to get in. I scheduled apppointments to open houses and grad fairs but i didnt go. I spoke with my old prof/advisor about internships... still have yet to email the lady she told me about. I dont even have references other than her and my supervisors.

Im just not into it.

Hell im stuck in a job ive been trying to get out of for a while now.

I need a change and its been a long time coming.

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