Monday, December 3, 2012

Its about that time...

Yup, its almost time to move out like,

  • me n my mother, 
  • me coming home when i want, 
  • me lazing about doing nothing, 
  • me not having to worry about someones constant nagging about me lazing about doing nothing, 
  • me having to clean up other peoples mess, 
  • me having my own personal space...

yep its about that time to leave the nest...but not just yet.... no-ho-hooooo
we need money for that!
and the time to look for an affordable spot.

do i want a 1 bedroom apt? do i want roommates? do i wanna just rent a room?
i need to think this through...

i give myself 1 more year, maybe 2 before i get completely fed up and say fuck it, im out!
my tax return money is going towards this move and my mother needs to clear up these bills she has in my name!

yup im not moving out before she does that!

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