Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Philosophical Mornings: Clean & Reflect

As my last blog post of 2013, im trying to hurry up and write so i can eat and finish cleaning my room before i head out with the Missus Mocha tonight. In my house its tradition to clean everything, and i mean everything for the new year. We get rid of old clothes, do laundry, clean from top to bottom, and burn it (frankinscence and myrrh... its a carribean thing) So right now moms is at the laundry washing the last loads and im cleaning the last thing in the house that needs to be cleaned.... my room.

For those of you that dont know me too well, my room is an organized mess. But a mess nonetheless and it never stays clean past a few days, a week at most. I get lazy busy, and i just dont see the point when im just a messy person in MY contained area. Ill keep everywhere else neat and tidy but my room kinda reflects the clutter of my mind i guess.

And here we'll talk about reflections...

So looking back on 2013, there were a lot of ups and downs in my love life, mostly downs and 'wtf's am i still doing with him when i should really let him go?'. With work i was as easily frustrated especially with that one woman 'This Bitch" that i am so glad to be getting away from come february. i was worried with school and doing the work of others.

ASOM didnt really have a good year but we're changing that in 2014 and already having vending spots coming up. We also learned to really look at the demographics for our line when choosing vending events Also from last nights events and speaking with Imani of Tribe Called Curl, she invited the team out to speak at their next event =) And apparel line coming in the Spring!

Hair wise, ive tried a lot of new products and found my staples in Mixed Chicks, Alikay Naturals, and Shea Moisture. Dont get me wrong everything else ive tried was awesome too Luscious Locks, Cantu, CB Smoothe, Ori Essentials, Edens Body Works, Wonder Curl,  Nubian heritage, Miss Jessie's (just the gel) but the first 3 really stuck out to me and i will continuously use them. I am so gad i started protective styling. I kinda missed the change in my features with longer, unruly hair but i love my fro hence why these styles will never last more than 6 weeks at most. I am also glad i finally colored my hair. That was something ive been wanting to do for the longest and even though it took forever, im glad that i did it with Shea Moisture which was the safest option for a natural to coloring their hair at this point in time.

Body wise, i finally gained weight. Im trying to get back to 130 as i was in high school when i ran. Even if it was more muscle than fat back then im trying to get back to that weight. 135 at the most. Its just that ive been stuck at 120-125 since junior high school, the same thing with height. I just want that one thing to change so that the only thing im working on. Health wise im good, aside from my small issue on my ovary with the hematoma. That burn i suffered from with the Black Soap and ACV has long since been taken care of. Which im happy about. i dont really care for my facial features but that made me really self conscious.

School wise, im so hoping to get into Hunters School of Social Work. I really need to get back to my grind with getting my masters. So im working on that as well. i just need my recommendations (joy). Purpose wise. I know what i want to do in life and im taking the steps towards that. I just know that in the end i want to open my own youth center.

My state of mind this year, has not been clear, but neither has my life been either. It was indecisive and stagnant. It was stuck really. But now i made a list of everything ive wanted to try as was the first philosophical mornings post and this year will be the slow start of making my way down the list.

I hope everyone takes the time to sit back at some point today and reflect on the year. I dont mean to look for all the changes but the really big ones, like letting people go, new experiences, new friends, finding out your goals/your purpose, etc.

DO it while you clean lol...

Happy New Years Eve!

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