Monday, December 9, 2013

Philosophical Mornings: Get Checked

I'm not a health nut or anything, i'm prone to forget a doctors/dentist appointment... or hold them off til i cant take the pain anymore. But after a phone call from an ex of mine (the jerk), I had made my first appointment with my GYN about 3 years ago when he accused my person of giving him an STD... needless to say that conversation didn't pan out well 


Any who, got myself checked found out yes i did have... blah blah blah.. all curable with a pill, i'm clean. But ever since then i've taken sexual education./protection more carefully... and partners as well. 

I'm saying this because i have a pelvic sonogram appointment today for them to tell me if i have cysts on my ovaries or not. My cycle of late has me experiencing more painful menstrual cramps than ever and my pre-cycle cramps are getting worse. My left ovary has a mind of its own when releasing the egg (that's whats its called that premenstrual pain) and before it was unnoticeable now it leaves me wondering if my period is coming sooner rather than days later cause it just hurts that bad.

There's that and then there's the pain in certain positions during sex... how i miss those positions. I didn't matter size or girth or the guy... just that the pain outweighed the pleasure in my favorite position -__- joy

So i brought it up to a friends girlfriend and she told me that i might have cysts (this was a couple months before i found out about the std) and i didn't get it checked since then. I should it would have save me a lot of unnecessary pain (as i write this i feel a throb in the area). Now how bad the cysts are will determine if i'm able to have children in the future. 

And as for my teeth.. my dentist says i have perfect teeth... they just dont know why the hell my wisdom teeth came up crooked pushing the teeth in front of it and cracking the others leaving me to get a root canal and over the summer having one pulled. and now the tooth that got the root canal has to gt scraped of decay cause its sensitive after they killed the nerve..... that was not a fun experience and i only got it halfway done (forgot about the second appt and im really paying for it now).

So i remind you all to get checked often.. get your physical, make sure your shots are up-to-date, make sure your clean of infections/diseases, speak to your doctor about any issues you have (like i want to see my gyn about birth control to see about these cramps an such)..just dont become a hypochondriac! and visit your dentist twice a year.. bad teeth are a turn off and does affect your health in the long run.


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