Sunday, December 8, 2013

Our Fallen Soldiers of Light

This past week, we have lost two 'soldiers of light' as i like to call them....

Paul Walker (9/12/73 - 11/30/13)

Nelson Mandela (7/18/18-12/5/13)

Each have their own pieces in our hearts and history. One changed it tremendously while the other was still making his mark. Each had great impacts on separate causes that meant much to them and those around them.

Nelson Mandela, rest his soul, had suffered greatly due to ailments in his old age and his passing though heart breaking to the Africa/Black community was time. He lived a long prosperous and eventful life and he literally changed history during his time. I am glad that his passing was an easy one.

Mr Walker on the other hand, left the world so abruptly that even my coworker (though she knows its true) does not want to accept that hes really gone. The thing that gets to me about his death other than the fact that he burned alive, and after the fast and furious movies died while speeding, was his age. Both he and mother turned 40 this year though about 2-3 months apart. He died at 40 (just 20 days after my moms birthday) and like me, he was one of 5 children and the oldest. its scary. And all i'm thinking about was i could lose my mother this young too and i pray that i have her for a few more years.

My condolences goes out to  both families. And Walkers family ask that instead of sending them cards/gifts send donations to Paul Walkers foundation, Reach Out World Wide (ROWW) supporting victims of the Phillipines typhoon

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