Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Product Review: TRUE Crazy Sexy Cool Curls Pre Poo

Yea i gots another one for ya!

Alright so this months CurlKit featured this new product from TRUE Crazy Sexy Cool Curls.. i have their curling souflee (mousse) from a curlkit last year i think.. never used it.. gave it to my mom.

But this time i gave their product a try.

Now i havent used a product line pre poo before, usually i would use something of my own making or a conditioner of choice. My all time fave pre poo's are Shea Moisture Anti Breakage Mask, Aloe Vera Gel (with water and oils) or and ACV rinse.

Now this pre poo was basically the same thing as the aloe vera mix that i would make with a few extr ingredients:
The pre poo bottle contains; water( which is great!), Aloe leaf juice, hydrogenated castor oil, grapeseed oil, macadamia seed oil, glycerin, Acrylates copolymer (hair fixative - low hazard to health; used in moderate proportions) , olive oil, sodium hydroxymethylglicinate (humectant), fragrance, mongongo kernel oil and argan oil.
I love the shape of the bottle.

**in my own aloe pre poo i wood normally take an ounce or two of aloe, combine it with my oils and use my fingers to grab and scoop it onto my scalp, massage it in and let it sit**

Now what i didn't like about this thing was that my hair felt so sticky after inital application. It went on nicely left my hair wet but then it turned really sticky It felt the same as if i was using honey in my hair.... or the curling custard (Kinky Curly)/curling souffle (Shea Moisture)... i figured it was the humectant. Or the fact that i had not washed my hair in two weeks which is something i never do often (1x week washer!), so it could have been the product buildup, eh

*My mom used it after me and she didn't feel any stickiness -_-*

As a pre poo, i guess it was alright, I usually use my pre poo to detangle and it had an ok slip to do so. MY scalp felt good afterwards and my hair did feel clean as well. I shampoo'd and DC'd as usually.

Would i recommend it.... eh, maybe. if you feel like its something you want to try.

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