Sunday, December 8, 2013

Philosophical Mornings: Give Thanks

Seems like this should have been done during thanksgiving, well nope it wasn't. Not for no special reason either i was just to busy to really sit down and consider what i was thankful for other than the generic- family friends, having a roof over head, food in my stomach and a good job.....

Yea, lets get started on that last one.

My job.. now for those of you that are new to reading my posts you know i have some issues with my workplace, specifically one woman and a lot of different aspects. Now I am a passive aggressive person and I let things slide cause im not one for confrontation. I will go so far as to ignore and just go about my business as usual, interacting when only absolutely necessary if our relationship requires it. Other than that you're cut off.

Now with this woman, any time i complain  vent about her i entitle the post 'This Bitch' i havent posted cause like i said, i ignore her, but... this bitch decided to take my standoffish approach to her to my supervisor (she aint name no names) but i knew she was talking about me. So i told my supervisor that i had no problems with her, we're in separate areas, the 'bitch' stays in the back and we only interact when necessary (like i have to give her forms or its time to set up/handle distribution)... in my head, i was listing off everything i didnt like about her, but did say it out loud.. absolutely not. the words that came out of my mouth were...

"So I'll be leaving soon"

Yep ya girl got herself a new job all thanks to her mama! I love my mother so much for this. You have no idea how much i  love my mother for this. The sub-para pool opened up in the DOE so with a recommendation form one of the principals she works for i was able to get in. And they fast tracked me. so whenever i finish my requirements ill be good, there is no waiting for a job at the end either. i have one ready. I am soooooooooooooooooo happy.

I am beyond thankful for my growth and experience from working with Hunter, no doubt, but that job had no room for growth and my supervisor even said that. She was happy for me and i was happy that i had them as my first job. It wasnt difficult and i didn't face any hug trials, but i learned.. more patience and tolerance, my own stressors, my release for stressors (gonna miss my central park lunch breaks!) and generally that being stuck in an office all day, having no real time off was not for me.

i am finally starting on my career path in youth counseling and i am on that road with my peers and i have my mother at my side to help me. My girl Krystal (in her last year of grad school - congrats) inspires me to hurry up and get the ball rolling on my grad degree. My girl Tiyanna (having finished her own degree at Hunter SSW) is like my mentor right now and wants to help me in any way i can if  when i get into the program. And the Purposefully Pretty team is helping me grow in my skills as a mentor. And i have so many people that wants to help in the business aspect of my jewelry (love all the advice btw).

And all of the experiences i gain will help in the long run when i finally decide to open my own youth development center/home. (its a youth development/community center/shelter for runaways/homeless)

So i am happy and ready to move on in the world! Wish me luck!


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