Friday, December 27, 2013

Unexpected News.. But Not Completely

A bit of TMI but i need to get this out...

So since about my sophomore year of my undergrad, i noticed that during sex in certain positions left me feeling a pain in my insides, mostly around the areas of my ovaries more on the left than right side. Some times it would be intense other times it would just be uncomfortable. All i know is that i stopped using certain positions during sex (unfortunately) after a while and i wasn't bothered as much anymore.

Now i get pains in my ovaries that last for a few days to a week at a time. I get pre-M cramps that start about 2-3 weeks before it actually happens. And there have been a few times where the pain was so intense that i'd have to take pain meds or days off work to handle it. I remember the worst cramping in my life that had me on the floor of my bathroom crying so hard. My brother had to stay home form school to take care of me. All i know is this year alone made me think of taking birth control to decrease my periods simply because they have been getting worse all year. And i'm not a fan of anything that messes with my hormones. At all.

So i finally went to the doctors how many years later. for them to schedule me a pelvic sonogram. For those of you that dont know its topical (1st video) as if they were doing a regular sonogram and then a long stemmed camera is inserted into your vagina where they can look directly at the ovaries. (very invasive/2nd video).

I was not thrilled with the fact that they lady had asked me if i was still on my period (which ended the week before) since she asked about bleeding or the fact that she shook her head, in a way that indicated she didn't like what she saw. Did not build up the 'comfortable' mood i was feeling right then.

I went to my doc yesterday fro them to confirm what was wrong and it turns out that i have an enlarged, bruised left ovary. and it has a hematoma/blood pockets on it. Of course i went out and googled it since i wanted a more in depth explanation despite the fact i have a GYN appt. that will explain more. What i learned is that hematomas of the ovaries are common but not that common, but they are pretty much blood cysts (a phrase i wasn't comfortable with) and that i may need surgery in the end. I will need pain medication (a prescription i just filled) and pain can get worse as i've already experienced. Also it can complicate any pregnancies that can occur (yea like i'm getting pregnant any time soon).

I already new something was wrong down there, but i wasn't expecting this. Hematomas of the ovaries in females are not exactly common, im assuming since i cant find many research articles on it, but it does happen. (Ive seen it under the term ovarian apoplexy as well for more info)  I just want to know how the hell it happened really. And reading up on the symptoms and treatments and consequences for prolonging treatment is overwhelming and i wish i took care of it sooner.

Will update on the progress,

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