Sunday, December 22, 2013

Semesters End, Hospitalization, Moving & ASOM Designs Sale

Hey guys, been a while since my last post! but im good you know, finished up my semester and that was no easy feat. My friend and her friend were paying me to do their online coursework this semester, and here i was thinking that oh thats fine just a bit of reading and a paper.


their prof asked for a style (daffuq is Chicago Style) i never hard of and on top of that it was a writing intensive course meaning that there was way more work than i originally thought. so yea i missed some of the deadlines and their grades were lower than expected/. Honestly i felt bad. but it just wasn't my semester.

But hey, it all worked out in the end and they were able to put th work in (even if it was late).

So i busted my balls (figuratively) getting the work done for that class. And for my own research paper (luckily it was all group work) on top of setting aside time to finish these workshops for my new job!

yea you heard me a new job (dont know if i posted about it before but OH WELL) im getting the hell out of Hunter (aside from grad school in the future ::fingers crossed::) So its been a busy couple of months for me.

And i was hospitalized this week for a stomach virus and missed two days of work (unfortunately including the office holiday party ::tear all that good food!::) but im better now, lost a few pounds and my stomach is till a bit queasy but im not purging anymore thank goodness!. But there is a nasty stomach bug going around. Just so you know. Honestly not a good feeling.

And i might be moving once again.. joy. My childhood has a lot of moves in it, hopefully one day, this family will become stagnant and one day own its own home. For now we are enjoyin the renters life (note sarcasm)

Anywho, check out the sale ASOM Designs, for all orders $20+ get 14% off (Use Code: XMNY14, ends Jan 4, 2014), $30+ is free shipping

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