Monday, December 30, 2013

Natural Hair & New Years Events...

Hey all, just wanted to et you all know of this weeks events pour moi.

So tonight ill headed over to Kinks & Drinks even by Tribe Called Curl (a last minute thing or i would've told you all before, sorry!) - CLOSED!

Tuesday, Ill be out with @MochaNapps for News Year Eve celebration at 123 Burger, Shot, Beer (love this place!).. and then ill be back there on Thursday for a 'date' with the Nephew (a bit nervous about that one). For all those in the area looking for something to do for new years, just call and add your name to the list! =)

New Year's Eve

And Friday ill be heading over to a Locs Revolution event by my girl Niyya. This is a free event.

Been a while since ive been this busy in a week, lol.My pockets may be light but ill be enjoying myself as much as i can! Hope everyone has a wonderful new years and parties hard!


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