Saturday, December 28, 2013

Should i or Should i not?...

yes or no    
So there's a guy right and hes really good looking, has very nice eyes, full lips, a hot body, very chill and laid back, fun to tease, fun to hang out with, easy to laugh with, family oriented, buys me lunch, getting me a book i want for a late xmas gift...

and hes attracted to me as well...

the only thing is he's by supervisor/boss' nephew and that's kind of holding us both back from doing anything. he says shes over-protective and thinks it a bit inappropriate which is why he hasn't done anything. i agree that its a tad bit inappropriate but hey shit happens and i'm not gonna be working there much longer (thank jeezus!). 

and its not like i honestly care either way cause i wasn't going to act on anything to begin with no matter how much i wanted to just bite his lip sometimes. 

but it looks like the start of something with the way he was texting me last night the bigger question is do i really want to and what about Josh. i mean i know i'm cutting him off, since it pretty much has to be done. the only thing that is holding me to him is lingering feelings but other than that, not much else. 

le sigh, giving someone up is never easy. but if it must be done. then take the steps towards it.

Guess i'll give Nephew a try...


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