Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Giveaways

Now i know, giveaways are just ugh... you enter - you don't win- repeat. But there are those occasions where you do get a little something, you know that one random thing that you didnt expect. Well currently im taking a part in a few giveaways this month. Mostly natural hair products and a few make-up/ health products. I figured im bound to get something if i tweet about them everyday and enter as much as i can or at least interested in.

So here's the list so far.

Love Brown Sugar 'FAb4Holiday' Giveway: Just about everyday LBS is posting something new in the FAb4Holiday giveaway. So far ive entered for a few natural hair products, from shea moisture, nubian heritage, and nothing but. Ive also entered for a few makeup supplies/accessories (like a clarisonic!) and a lady foot locker gift card. Yesterday she put up a JustFab giveaway for a clutch, shoes, and something else that i forgot but yea go look for yourself.
Check it out Here

QRedew Review
ToBNatural 'QRedew' Giveaway: Now I've heard good reviews about this hair steamer. And everyone loves it. So i figured why not enter for a chance to give it a try and see for myself just how goo it really is. Cause you know there is no way that im spending $70 on just a single product (cue side eye). I seriously don't even like spending $40 on a single pair of jeans, lol. But any way check it out Toia is a good friend of mine and an awesome natural-/fashionista.
Click Here

Blogger/Vlogger 'Fab5 Holiday Collab' Giveaway: Here you have to subscribe and like to each vloggers youtube page and leave a comment answering a question that they put in their description boxes. Each vlogger is offering different full sized products or hair supplies in their video. You're going to have to watch each video and see for yourself which one you would like.
Click Here for the Curls & Mo video.

Holiday Gift Bag
Wonder Curl 'End of Year' Giveaway: As you can see in the picture you will be getting a mix of wondercurl prodcuts with amazing botanicals and some random thing that they didnt give the name of. But yeah. I won a previous giveway from WonderCurl and i really like their products. Especially the betonite claydetoxifying hair mask.
Click Here

MissFabEllis 'Pantene truly Natural' Giveaway: All 9 products posted in the photo are included in the giveway.
Click Here

CurlKit $500 Gift card Giveaway Click here Well more like click on the link in my twitter status lol. So click on my link and enter your email and first name and you know share it on other social networking sites and the more people that click on the links the more entries you get for the giveaway.

TGIN Insatagram Giveaway *Closed* It was for a complete set of the TGIN line. Again never tried it but heard goo things.

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